ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

Character ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

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You know how important it is for a character to have internal integrity – and how difficult that can sometimes be. Here’s a helpful system from classical myths.
Warrior, Monk, Scientist, Magician, Lover – find and develop the best ArchePath for your characters, regardless of gender or age. The ArchePaths are Paths a person follows, a style of being, a type of approach to life. Any archetype can be on any of the Paths.
  • Learn the hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, symbols, and styles of each
  • Get the 3 Levels for each: beginner, adept, expert
  • Explore the 3 Approaches of each: mental, emotional, synthesized
  • Build conflict by pitting characters on the same Path against each other
  • Juxtapose characters on different Paths to the best effect
  • Use the possibilities for growth and change: that all-important character arc

These 5 classic ArchePaths are valuable profiles for creating dynamic, believable characters and enriching your stories with these powerful mythic paradigms.
  1. What are the ArchePaths, how are they different from Archetypes?
  2. 3 levels of each ArchePath
  3. 3 approaches to each ArchePath
  4. Warrior
  5. Monk/Ascetic
  6. Scientist
  7. Magician
  8. Lover
  9. Main Path & Sub-Path for a character [Warrior-Monk, Lover-Magician, etc.]
  10. Characters on the same Path – conflicts and collaborations
  11. Characters on differing Paths – conflicts and collaborations
  12. Using the ArchePaths in your own life, relationships, work, and creativity.
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