ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

Character ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

I have taken good courses online, however, Pamela Jaye Smith's "ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story" is, by far, the best one yet. Better than advertised, I think. The content was excellent, useful and well taught.

The lessons were masterfully laid out and the assignments were clear and concise. In addition to the great things I learned while doing research for examples of the archetypes being taught, I was surprised by how much impact that knowledge made on the rewrites of my existing scripts. This will serve me well going forward in script work and character development. Dialogues and narratives will be greatly enhanced as well.

It was pointed out that this class would be useful in terms of the writer's observations of himself and others in fiction and real life. That is very true. In that regard, Pamela Jaye Smith's instructions have been life changing for me. I recommend this course to any and all for the writing and personal growth learning to be found here.

My thanks to Savvy Authors and Pamela Jaye Smith for such a great learning experience.

T.K.B. 6/26/21