Author Business Plan with Lisa London

Business Author Business Plan with Lisa London

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Did you know that businesses that plan ahead perform 60% better than those that don't. [Source: State of Business].

There's something magical about putting plans into place. Once you start documenting your dreams on paper, you start to take action toward achieving them. Doors magically open that were closed before and new opportunities you never imagined, are now part of your everyday reality. What would your life be like today if you had taken your Author Life endeavors more seriously, like a professional business and created a real Business Plan around it? Would you still be struggling, confused and wondering whether or not you were coming or going?

This learning intensive will start refocusing your mind on treating your writing like the real business it is or rather, the profitable business it could become.

You'll receive a Starter Workbook to start your author journey towards success, whether that's hitting the bestseller list, finishing your first novel, creating a lucrative side-hustle so you can quit your day job - it's all right here.

Please note: An actual Author Business plan template is NOT included in the course but I will give you the exact instructions on how to make your own.
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