Beginner's Guide to Story ARC for Trilogies and Series with Beth Daniels

Plot-Structure Beginner's Guide to Story ARC for Trilogies and Series with Beth Daniels

This class provided great info on writing a paranormal mystery with various examples. I regret not being able to participate due to work. I'm now playing catch up and glad to have these lectures as a resource. I would definitely take another class with Beth.
I love love love Beth Daniel's classes and this intensive. She does a great job of explaining everything!
Amazing class. It really dug into the trope and also as a bonus I got so much background material and reading for my further learning. Students were very engaged.
I've taken a few courses now through Savvy Authors and I can say this was probably the best one I've taken. Beth Daniels was very organized from the get-go and provided a lot of information and opportunities for us to interact with her in the class. I really appreciated her approach to have challenges for us instead of assignments. I think the more informal approach really opened my ability to think through some issues I've been facing in my own urban fantasy series.
Beth Daniels is a great instructor! Her classes are always thorough, informative, fun, and professional.
Beth Daniels lectures and assignments guided me in planning my historical mystery series with a plot sketch for each book and character arc for my series. She also took the time to give me ideas for recurring themes and scenarios for each book, bringing continuity to my series. I found Beth knowledgeable and the course helpful.
Great content without being overwhelming. Challenging but worth the sweat to improve my magic users in my books.
The mini-intensive was both small and intense. Beth was engaging and fun, which isn't easy when math is involved. I loved how she broke down plotting into bite-sized chunks. Well done!
This was a great class with Beth. It helped to push me to think deeper about my book and moved me beyond my stuck points.
The class was exactly what I was looking for--an overview of paranormal mysteries.
Interesting course and way of thinking and how to reverse engineer or analyze the type of book one seeks to write. Though provoking and insightful as classmates are on their own journey to writing the type of book they enjoy reading. Useful.
Excellent class, very helpful on tracking the threads of various story lines and assuring full completion. Beth was terrific and very responsive to any and all questions, is incredibly experienced! Highly recommend this class!
This class was fantastic! Beth was absolutely willing to work with the ideas we presented and helped me take mine from a collection of story ideas to a real series that I'm looking forward to writing.
She explained things with examples and was great about answering and giving advice or expanding on our ideas.
Author/instructor Beth Daniels brought a great wealth of experience, enthusiasm and humor in teaching this workshop. Her lectures were thorough and detailed, with many specific examples. She thoroughly answered all questions with up-to-date research. Based on our questions, she tailored the lectures to include all genres we inquired about. As a novice, unpublished writer, I found Beth's lectures to be clear and not overwhelming. Her challenges were especially helpful to get me thinking, writing and staying engaged in the course. Her dedication to the course was clear, and her witty comments added to the fun. I read one of her hilarious novels during the course, which was a great example of what we were learning.
Interesting and informative. Lots of feedback from the teacher. I thought I got my money's worth, and I'd take another class from her.
A thorough course, run with wit and intelligence -- 10/10, would recommend for any author in the process of editing!
Great short class. Beth eased my mind greatly about the dreaded Deep POV, which equals a root canal, if I may say a kind way...yeah, right. Okay, Beth was a lot nicer about Deep POV than I'm being, but her reasoning was sound logic. And I shall use her argument against it forevermore. I'm not usually that negative. My mom always said "if you can't say anything nice...blah, blah." I can say this because mom's deceased. Watch Deep POV up and bite me on the butt now. I sure hope there's not a league of Deep POV fans out there lying in wait for me...I could possibly try it. Not. Thanks for siding with me on this, Beth, lol.
I liked that the lessons provided real-world/real-story examples of how to create and develop characters. The lessons were written in a conversational manner that was easy to understand.