Creative Marketing for Writers with Terri Main

Business Creative Marketing for Writers with Terri Main

I took the time to work through ALL the lessons of this "Mini-Intensive" before leaving my instructor review - and the upfront thing to say is:

Terri did NOT deliver a "Mini-Intensive" - she delivered a FULL course of 11 lessons in basic marketing.
Author - centered marketing btw.

This in itself is enough to be grateful for, but there is even more to come ...

At first glance, the included information seems to be basic (and eventually well-known), so you might be inclined to skip reading carefully - my advice: don't do that.

I often found some real nuggets strewn in between - witnesses of Terri's huge pool of experience that really helped me to understand some generic concepts much better than before.
e.g. Terri's approach on how to write a blurb and what to include is not only simple but also clear as glass and very easy to grasp.

Astonishing, since I've not only read several "how to write sizzling/dazzling/enticing blurbs" books but also took the one or the other course in copy writing.

Self-initiative and the ability to self-motivate will be helpful and probably necessary to work yourself through some seemingly lengths of this course, but don't we authors need those anyway?

I got my investment in time and effort tenfold back!

Thanks, Terri :)