1. Shelby Morgen

    Craft Build Your Blurb with Margaret Riley

    The purpose of this interactive workshop is to edit your blurb for your current WIP into an effective sales tool. As a submissions editor, I read too many blurbs that have no emotional impact. Or worse, negative impact. If I don't like your characters and care about what they're trying to do...
  2. BookMarketFundamentals_Ebook.jpg


    No one buys a book they never heard of; you have to tell people about your book before they can buy it. Book Marketing Fundamentals contains a comprehensive inventory of essential marketing tasks and explanations on why you should use them and how to use them.
  3. hank-quense

    Business Self-publishing and Marketing a Book with Hank Quense

    The Self-publishing and Marketing a Book workshop is three weeks long and is based on my book of the same name. It offers a unique, integrated project plan that publishes and markets your book. The plan uses a six month project interval with the publishing and marketing tasks broken up into one...
  4. cknoblaugh

    Copywriter Just Great Copy

    From their website: I’m a wordsmith. I love to gather information and communicate it creatively in a variety of ways. Do you like your copy straight up? Serious but lively? Humorous? Conversational? Whatever tone you choose, I’ll find the right words to convey your message. And best of all: I’ll...
  5. Teresa Crumpt0n

    Publicist L. Woods PR

    From their website: L. WOODS PR is a full service promotional and marketing company that focuses on helping your brand stand out. Whether you're just starting out, or you have an established brand, L. Woods PR can help expand your reach, design your logo and get your brand noticed.
  6. Michele

    Promotion Service BookBub

    From their website: BookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover books they'll love while providing publishers and authors with a way to drive sales and find new fans. Upon joining, members receive unbeatable deals selected by our expert editorial team, handpicked...
  7. P

    Business 10 Out of the Box Ways to Market Your Work in Progress with Patricia Fischer

    Authors have enough on their plates as they create their newest book, but getting the word out about their WIPs, whether they are a debut or published author is crucial to keeping readers and finding new ones. Marketing doesn’t come naturally for many authors. It can be excruciating to know...
  8. Merry Bond

    Indie Self-Publishing: Easy as ABC with Meredith Bond

    Are you thinking of self-publishing your work, but don't know where to begin? Do you wonder about what you might need to do and when, or even where you should publish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you. Self-publishing can be tricky or it can be easy...
  9. terrimain

    Business Writing to Teach: How-to’s, Courses, and Instructional Video Scripts with Terri Main

    This is known as the information age. Lifelong learning whether in a formal context like a course or training seminar or informally through reading how-to books and watching videos, is now the norm. A Pew Internet survey found that 74% of American adults had participated in at least one formal...
  10. Karen Wiesner

    Business Writing Blurbs that Sizzle—And Sell! with Karen Wiesner

    Make your book fly off the shelves! Are you an author who dislikes or dreads trying to write back cover blurbs for your stories, or have you started one and want help making yours sizzle with intrigue and impact? Would you like to utilize a series blurb but you're not sure where to start in...
  11. CassandraCarr

    Business Pinterest for Authors – Unlocking the Secrets with Cassandra Carr

    Pinterest can be a great tool for authors to grow their audience and increase sales. But many authors are intimidated by the sheer magnitude of information and don't know what to do. In this workshop you will learn how to: - Navigate through Pinterest - Create or modify a profile to reflect...
  12. terrimain

    Business The Basics of Marketing for Writers with Terri Main

    In today's competitive publishing world, both traditional and indie published authors must take part in marketing their own work. A major publisher may have a large marketing department, but they are also publishing hundreds of books per year. A small publisher may have no marketing department...
  13. terrimain

    Business WordPress for Authors with Terri Main

    Wordpress used to be a simple blogging software. Even when it began adding more extensive web building capabilities, it still looked like "Just another Wordpress Site." But in the past five years, the level of sophistication makes it the perfect platform for small to mid-sized business - and...
  14. ineswrites

    Creating a Book Trailer with Ines Johnson

    Book trailers are visual depictions of a book’s storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. In this workshop veteran screenwriter turned romance novelist, Ines Johnson, will teach you the four simple steps of writing copy to persuade a potential reader to...
  15. Robin Facer

    Business Build Your Own Book Trailer with Robin Facer

    Working with video is a useful tool to have in your Author’s Toolbox. Put your storytelling skills to work in a new way and get readers excited about your novel by learning to create your own video book trailers. This mini-workshop will include insights into successful visual storytelling...
  16. Beth Daniels

    Business Write a Short story or Novelette Length Prequel to Promote Your Book or Series with Beth Daniels

    I confess. I never know what to write for blog entries that don’t talk about writing and readers not interested in writing probably skip right by such things. Which is why, when I turned to working on manuscripts for series, I decided to take a different track. I call it “build a specific...