How to Write Fast with Peter Andrews

Writing Life How to Write Fast with Peter Andrews

Peter was GREAT. He provided lessons, exercises for practicing, and external resources (a blog series he did and also a technique from someone named Kitchen, which is not even in circulation anymore but Peter had a copy!). I had heard about doing timed writing "sprints," but I had never actually done them until forced (I mean, encouraged :)) to do them through these homework assignments. And, actually, they didn't end up being as tough as I thought. I assumed I wouldn't know what to write, but I didn't feel or sense any pressure from Peter and I guess that helped me stay relaxed and just consider it fun. There were a lot of great tips here, and I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to refine their work habits and learn a few exercises that will help with the process.
There was so much information in this class. I was already doing a lot of the recommended things, but I learned a few new strategies, too, and they're already making a difference. Peter was a very generous teacher, opening up to questions and even sending us bonus articles and blogposts. Highly recommend!