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  1. Peter Andrews

    Writing Life How to Write Fast with Peter Andrews

    Crank up the efficiency and get that novel, short story, article or script DONE. Through exercises, evaluations, tips and technologies, you can learn to write faster. Discover how to break through blocks, get ideas, develop plots, draft and polish in less time without losing quality.
  2. Dawn_McClure

    Find Your Crew

    ***FREE to all registered users. This group is what you make of it - it's a safe space for writers to meet and greet. Register to access the discussion. Once registered click on the Classroom Discussions tab.*** Welcome to Find Your Crew, where the mission is to bring like-minded...
  3. KatieMcCoach

    Business Crafting a Captivating Submission Package with Katie McCoach

    Your book is finished, and you are eager to get your work in front of agents for a chance at representation. You’ve done several rounds of revisions and you feel great about the manuscript, but will an agent? Will a publisher? This may be your one shot. So, how do you make sure you submit your...
  4. LC Hayden

    Business How to Get Your Books Reviewed with LC Hayden

    A great book that receives little or no reviews will sell poorly. A mediocre book that has lots of reviews will sell. That leads us to the fact that books need to be reviewed. But how do you go about getting reviews? If you want the answer to this, then this is a must workshop for you. Here are...
  5. JoyHeld_photo_v2 (1).jpg

    JoyHeld_photo_v2 (1).jpg

    Author Joy E. Held
  6. Writer Wellness COVER WITH Awards 2.JPG

    Writer Wellness COVER WITH Awards 2.JPG

    Wellness is an overall approach to maintaining good physical, mental, and emotional health. Writer Wellness provides anyone with a developmental guide to achieving and perpetuating good health and creativity through journaling, exercise, relaxation, nutrition, and creative play. Be well, write well!
  7. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life How to Hold a Full-Time Job & Still Find Time to Write with Irene Roth

    Do you work full-time and are having trouble finding time, energy and motivation to write? Do you wish you could be a successful writer AND work full-time? Are you frustrated because you are not getting the results that you so richly deserve? If you answered the above questions in the...
  8. P

    Business Fix Your Query in Seven(ish) Easy(ish) Steps with Patrick Hopkins

    We begin with me showing examples of bad query writing, then showing how to fix that bad query writing. The students then work on identifying and fixing examples of those problems in their queries. Finally, they show me what they started with and where they are now, and I work with them...
  9. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life Make 2021 Your Best Writing Year Yet! with Irene Roth

    Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels, getting nowhere in your writing career? Would you like to be more successful and more efficient in your writing career in 2021? Would you like to become prolific, overcome procrastination, perfectionism and writing block? If you answered any of...
  10. Sunny Irene Roth

    Writing Life How to Not Only Survive, but Thrive During NaNoWriMo with Irene S. Roth

    Many writers want to take part in NaNoWriMo each year in November. There is no better way of getting into the later fall months than to delve into writing a brand new book that we can then revise in December and January. I have participated in 20 years of NaNoWriMo’s so far. This will be my...
  11. ineswrites

    Business Building a Newsletter Automation Sequence with Ines Johnson

    Have you chosen your newsletter provider but aren’t receiving many sign ups? Are readers signing up for your newsletter but unsubscribing soon after? Are you getting subscribers but are unsure how to bring them on board? In this course we will discuss strategies and tactics of crafting a...
  12. Chris Redding

    Craft Brainstorming with Chris Redding

    Stuck for ideas? Halfway through a book and not sure where to go? Chris Redding will give you ten different ways to come up a new idea or the next plot point. With several of the methods she will walk you through exercises to reinforce the lessons.
  13. Sunny Irene Roth

    Business Yes, You Can Write for the Travel Industry AND Enjoy a Lucrative Side Income with Irene Roth

    Are you interested in writing for the travel industry? Do you want to visit great places and pass on what you learned to others who are hoping to visit that very place in the near future? Do you want to learn how to write travel articles about places right in your own neighborhood? Do you want...
  14. K

    Writing Life Write Through Fright with Kimberley Troutte

    Write Through Fright By NY Times Bestselling Author, Kimberley Troutte Almost all writers have suffered some sort of fear associated with writing (fear of failure, sophomore book syndrome, impostor's syndrome...). Successful authors have learned to write through the fear. You can, too. This...
  15. terrimain

    Writing Life The No-Excuse Zone: Reality-Based Planning with Terri Main

    If there is one thing writers bemoan, it's a lack of time. Of course, there is no such thing as a "lack of time." Everyone has the same amount. It's how we manage that time which makes the difference. It is easy to say, "If it really matters, you will find the time." However, most of us have...
  16. terrimain

    Optimizing your Amazon Sales Presence 2018 with Terri Main

    Amazon provides the author with an amazing platform from which to sell their books. It's like they have invited you into their store, set up a shelf with just your books, give you a place where you can sit and sell your books, and even provide you with tools to help increase your sales. Yet...