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Polish your Sweetheart Pitch

Special Event Polish your Sweetheart Pitch

For me, the information and examples shared in the lectures were enlightening and thought-provoking. Glad I attended and would take another class with Becky any time.
Becky shared so much information. I learned a lot about romantic suspense and I can't wait to go back and work on my story idea. Great class.
The lecture content was very good, and useful for me. I learned new information which spurred me to improve some aspects of the plot I had in mind for my next project. I was. however, disappointed by the lack of feedback on the homework. I'm not sure if Becky even saw them, as she mentioned technical difficulties a couple of times. A few teacher comments/insights here and there would have made this a 5/5.
The information was really robust and plentiful. So much so that I found it a bit hard to keep up with, but I definitely learned things! However, I signed up for the class because I was under the impression there would be regular feedback on the exercises we posted (like a class) not paragraphs of feedback, but something. It helps me with motivation, and to know I’m on the right track as I go, but after my introduction post, there was nothing. If I knew we’d be on our own, I would’ve just purchased a book to go through solo. At the end there was an invitation to send some writing to her, but it was a bit too little, too late for me. So information and content was a 5, class experience a not 5, sadly.
I enjoyed this class immensely and have been able to build a rough outline of my next book based on the lessons. The only thing I would have liked to have seen more of was a fuller discussion of red herrings and how and when to bring them in, how to use them to confuse the reader and how they might impact the turn of events for a mystery. There was some discussion of this, but not quite enough to really satisfy me.
Very much enjoyed the course! Just like with all courses savvyauthors has to offer, this one was exceptional!
I went from one character and a desire to write a book about that character to a full blown, planned out plot, ready to sit down and write the book. Great class! Thanks, Becky.
This is a good class. Becky shared important information in her lectures, and she gave us all individual feedback three times.
I learned so much from this class. Becky is a wonderful teacher. I feel much more comfortable with crafting a pitch thanks to Becky's spot-on suggestions.
Becky tried to focus on the good points of my pitch and give me feedback she thought would help sharpen the focus.
Super helpful! Thanks, Becky. I’ll not only use the pitches at the Savvy pitchfest but also at the agents and editors conference coming up in a week or so.
The event was challenging, writing pitches isn't easy. Becky gave a lot of good information and personal attention. I'm very appreciative and learned a lot!
Becky Martinez class gave me tools I could use for crafting characters. I found out many qualities regarding my character that I didn't know prior to this class. She provided excellent and encouraging feedback. I will definitely take more classes Becky teaches.

It was a great class and Becky's feedback was very helpful. It's super that she was able to give multiple reads to the participants.

(Unfortunately my Evil Day Job decided to torture me and I never was able to give my pitch one more tweak or post it in time.)
Loved Becky's class. She's great at helping make your pitch perfect. I would recommend it for anyone who is planning to pitch their book.
Becky is a tremendous help. Writing a pitch is difficult for me anyway because its summing up your book in three sentences that have to grab peoples attention. Getting it right can be a daunting, overthought process.
Her experience showed in her critiques! She gave me confidence and an eagerness to complete my book and pitch it.
I will look at other classes she teaches!
Becky gave clearly explained lessons with examples that showed where and how a logline could be made better. Becky was wonderful to work with. She knew exactly what to do to make my pitch exactly what it should be. So very glad I took this workshop. I highly recommend!
I really liked the opportunity to receive Becky's feedback multiple times. I think it gave each of us the tools to polish our pitch and the option to ask follow-up questions when needed. Becky was a great mentor.
This class was beneficial in lots of ways, but the most important to me was the help I received in getting ready for the Sweetheart Pitchfest where I can pitch to agents and editors. Without Becky's awesome feedback, my pitch would not be polished and ready to go. The information shared on Queries and elevator pitches was awesome and I will refer to it often in the future.
Becky did a great job, went above and beyond. Not only helped me polish my pitch, but helped me come up with a better title. Well worth the time.