Polish your Sweetheart Pitch

Special Event Polish your Sweetheart Pitch

Becky really helped me. She gave great and useful feedback =) I understood pitches a lot better than I have ever before.
Such a valuable class! The feedback was enlightening, and my pitch is so much better because of it. Awesome!
So very glad I took this class. The feedback was excellent and I finally feel confident in my pitch. I highly recommend the class and Becky as an instructor!
This was an excellent event to help get ready for the Sweetheart Pitchfest! Becky did a great job with constructive feedback!
I am very glad I took this class! It was wonderful to receive feedback on my pitch as well as my classmates. Without a doubt, my pitch is stronger and more focused than if I had gone it alone. Thank you, Becky! I'll be back for another class soon!
Mind blowing review on your log lines for pitches! She gave thoughtful and positive feedback in a timely fashion. I would recommend this course to anybody, and everybody.