The Missing Puzzle Piece: Core Wounds with Tere Michaels

Character The Missing Puzzle Piece: Core Wounds with Tere Michaels

I Loved this class! Tere is a fantastic instructor. Her assignments and feedback is invaluable. I learned so much from her. She teaches how to make your characters come alive not only on the page, but in your heart. I am taking her upcoming class in October and probably any that follow. Exceptional!
Tere was absolutely stunning with the amount of information for this course! I was seriously impressed with both the breadth and depth of the content on core wounds. She did not just list out a bunch of core wounds but delved into the whys, decisions, and consequences those core wounds can have for each character. And especially how they determine specific pathways and reactions to events in their lives. Tere is a MUST TAKE INSTRUCTOR at Savvy Authors! Highly recommend!!! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars :D