Community Rules

Here is a quick, bullet point list of rules for those using the SavvyAuthors forum.

Things we DO NOT allow:

  • When it comes to PROMO: We're going to keep this simple and straight to the point. One post is allowed on your release day. Not before, not after, not when your book is up for pre-order. Only on release day. Throw your link out there and give it your best shot. Add your cover, your blurb and a link. (No excerpts, please. Though you can link to an excerpt that's on your website.) We're all about writers, which means we're all about books. But, like many writing forums, we don't want this to become a promo takeover.BUT we do offer free book promo for your new or existing books on our weekly Newsletter! Click here to learn more!
  • No religion or politics. <-- For real. No warnings. We'll just boot ya.
  • Rude? Gone. Simple as that. <-- For real. See above.
  • If you are a cover designer, a formatter, an author that offers classes, or you sell some type of service to writers, THIS IS NOT THE FORUM FOR THAT. But, we do have a page for that! Because, hey, this is a site dedicated to helping writers. :) Have one of your clients recommend you on our RECOMMENDS . You cannot recommend yourself. Only someone who has used your services can recommend you. If you recommend your own services, we will remove your recommendation.

Things we DO allow:

  • New release promo on release day! SHOUT IT OUT! Provide a link. Show us your beautiful cover. Jump, squeal and clap your hands - and we will with you!
  • Do you have a new cover you want to show off? Let's see it! (Just don't sell us the cover artist or link back to their site. If you love their work, add them to our RECOMMENDS.) If someone asks where you got your cover, go ahead and link them in the comments.
  • Writing advice. Did you learn something new from your AMS ads? Well, share it! Figure out how to beat writer's block? Definitely share that.
  • Get a bad review and want to whine? We're here. Get a great review and want to squeal? We're here for that, too. (Just don't add a link to purchase your book unless it's your release day!)
  • Read a good book and want to share? We're readers first. (Nothing negative, though. If you read a book and hated it, go to Goodreads and review it there. haha)
  • Use the tag WATERCOOLER for any and everything. Did you just run your first marathon? Go on and tell us about it! Stayed on your diet past Monday? Good for you. Liar. <-- Just kidding! haha

Basically, if it's not promotion and it's not negative, we are going to be lenient. We want these forums to be utilized. We want SavvyAuthors' members to be social. We just want to keep it positive and soft on promotion. We understand the desire to promote (we're writers ourselves), but we don't want this forum to turn into a BUY ME page. So, with that in mind, happy posting!! :)

(FYI - you do have a sig line. You can put a link to your website & social media there!)