Best Practices for On Demand Video Classes at SavvyAuthors

Learn Now on Demand Video Classes


We are looking for experienced instructors that can produce high-quality classes through a video-based format and who have a strong teaching track record and excellent workshop reviews. We also ask our instructors to assist us in promoting their classes. To create video classes, the proper technical tools are needed such as a professional-quality microphone and engaging slide presentations. Shared information should be rehearsed and presented in a professional manner that registrants can easily follow.

Overview & Format

  • ~5-7 minute recordings or shorter but no fewer than 60 minutes of recorded time.
  • SavvyAuthors will edit the videos.
  • Please see our video instructions as a guide.
  • You will deliver your completed videos to SavvyAuthors at least one month before class start date.
  • Recordings cannot be reposted on other sites by the instructor since SavvyAuthors will be editing and formatting the videos. Instructors can re-record the content but SavvyAuthors retains the rights to post those specific videos as long as SavvyAuthors is paying the instructor for the class participation.

You and your content are excellent candidates for SavvyAuthors Learn Now videos because:

  • Your classes have good enrollment and excellent reviews, and you have a good following here at SavvyAuthors.
  • You are familiar with video recording technology and have the right microphone and computer to produce high-quality video clips.
  • You can present verbally in a clear and understandable speaking voice.
  • You are willing to participate in occasional, hour-long Zoom sessions for class participants.

Video class timeline

  • You propose a video class to us and we love the idea!
  • You submit a short test video of 1-2 minutes for a technology check along with a breakdown on what each video will cover and estimated timing.
  • We provide feedback to that video such as technology tweaks or suggestions. We may ask for another test video or may move to schedule your class.
  • You and SavvyAuthors agree on a scheduled date for the launch of your class at least three months away.
  • Two months from the scheduled launch date you provide the full set of videos for the class to SavvyAuthors for editing. Once we receive these videos we will begin to promote and advertise your class.
  • One week before the class goes live we provide access to you to review the content.

Technical Requirements

We like the suggestions from TopKit’s Best Practices for Using Video in Online Learning and we have adapted some of these for our video assessment criteria.

  • Use a headset with microphone or other high-quality audio and video equipment. Often a microphone filter gives the best quality.
  • Make sure your light and sound quality are good. We ask for an example video of 1-2 minutes so we can provide feedback on this.
  • If the video quality is not good, we will not be able to accept the video class.
  • Keep videos short (5 minutes) and focus on one concept per video. We can help you break up the videos if you choose to record them as longer segments, but people expect short!
  • Provide an outline for your classes that includes the key concept for each video and key takeaways.

Still have questions? Contact us!