Pasting text from Word and other nail-biters.

The SavvyAuthors forum allows you to paste text and images directly from MS Word and other rich text editors. That said, there are some fundamental limitations on this. We've tried to open this up as much as possible so you can create text offline and easily import. This means you can do things like paste from Word and keep SOME, not all, formatting.
What you should be able to keep is the following:
  • Font size and weight (bold, italics etc)
  • font color
  • paragraph alignment
  • lists (both bullets and numbers)
You can also drag and drop images into the editor window and choose to display them inline as either thumbnails or full images.

Note: this special editor that lets us do this is disabled for mobile access. It's a bit heavy for phones and other bitty screens. Also the editor 'keeps' in memory what you entered in a window for 20 seconds even it you close the window and will automatically reload what you just typed..then closed..when you open a new window. I can adjust that if you like.