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    World-Setting Comprehensive Worldbuilding - The Whole World View with Anna Denisch

    Throughout this 3-week workshop, writers will learn the ins and outs of worldbuilding and how to properly integrate information into their story. Week one will focus on macro-worldbuilding: how the world is shaped, what political powers are in play, and how religion and technology appear in the...
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    Craft Villains and Antagonists with Anna Denisch

    Objective: By the end of this week-long workshop, writers will have be able to determine the differences between antagonists and villains and will be able to use this knowledge to create fulfilling and meaningful character arcs for the baddies of their books. Lesson One: Difference between an...
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    Craft From Premise to Plot with Anna Denisch

    A class designed to take the idea and opening scenes of a story and turn it into a full-fledged finished product. Using a method involving character needs and oppositions, writers will learn to churn out a list of ideas, create detailed scenes from those ideas, and figure out the best ending...