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    Crit Matches Crit Match - October 26, 2020

    Hi, this is the second week in the Critique Matching program , I have clicked on the link to the person I've been matched with and received no response. I'm assuming my message is going through but I'm wondering if they don't get an email alert that they have a message. That happened to me once...
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    Crit Matches Crit Match - September 28, 2020

    Hi Dawn, just checking in as the partner I was matched with didn't respond to my messages. I would still like to continue with Critque Match, although I often do not get a match. I'm a Women's Fiction writer. Thanks.
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    HELP! How do I edit a posting I made?

    Hi, I just made a pitch to the #OwnVoices Pitch Event, and I don't know if I got fingertip-trigger happy, but in my pitch it should read 'Sophie Kinsella and Beth Corby mixed tape.' I initially used the and symbol and ended up with additional letters. Can you please edit my original post? Many...