SavvyAuthors' IndieCafe Crit Matching Program

Crit Group SavvyAuthors' IndieCafe Crit Matching Program

I have one CP who is both a fabulous writer and editor. We have been working together for many months and both want to continue.
I wanted another but the last one I was paired with responded once than heard nothing since.
After many years of searching and going through many CPs I've learned there are those, and I am guilty of this also, whose work isn't quit ready or in a different place than the other CP or they stop putting in the time.
I hope to find another more than one pair of eyes is always beneficial.
Maybe those of us who haven't found a CP could pair up?
The program worked well for me, because I was matched with another romance writer, which meant we went into it understanding the tropes and expectations for our genre. I found her critique very helpful and I'm hoping she felt the same way about me.
I enjoy the program. I matched with other writers in my genre. I think maybe the program could open up to match crit partners with people outside their chosen genre or have that option when signing up because I certainly read more than YA, which is the genre I write in currently. Also, I'd maybe consider offering another crit program featuring small group critiques with maybe 3-4 people so that feedback is more well-rounded and features a variety of voices.
It was interesting. The other person's story was intriguing.

I've found that Science fiction is different. One can't review the common writing aspects. I have taken many classes and find that the person who is not into science fiction does not understand it.
Science fiction is not the same as fantasy.
Initially, I was very happy with the exchanges but the program wasn’t sustainable as I haven’t had a partner for two months. I was open to reading other genres but unless others are also open I suspect I haven’t been matched.
Neither of my crit partners/matches replied to my posts reaching out to them. So far I haven't been able to benefit from the program.