1. Peter Andrews

    Business How to Write Fast with Peter Andrews

    Crank up the efficiency and get that novel, short story, article or script DONE. Through exercises, evaluations, tips and technologies, you can learn to write faster. Discover how to break through blocks, get ideas, develop plots, draft and polish in less time without losing quality.
  2. Becky Martinez

    Plot-Structure Make a Great Start! -- Creating Beginnings with Becky Martinez

    Learn how to create dynamic characters, how to begin plotting your story and how to write those difficult opening pages, and learn strategies that can help take you from the beginning of writing your story. Learn how to create scenes, how to write dialogue and you’re your story off to a good start.
  3. ineswrites

    Craft Tools Scrivener Scene by Scene with Ines Johnson

    This course will focus on the basic building blocks of every story; the scene. It’s a course that works bests for plotters, writers who outline their story, and pantsers, writers who have a mental hold on the scope of their story but perhaps not a detailed outline. Writers will learn how to set...
  4. Romy Sommer

    Character Craft a Strong Character Arc with Romy Sommer

    A strong character arc is the key to getting readers emotionally invested in our stories. In this workshop we'll learn how to craft character arcs that will create a transformative experience not just for our characters, but for readers too.
  5. terrimain

    Business From Manuscript to Publication - Self Publishing Made Easy with Terri Main

    At one time, the keys to book publishing were held tightly by a handful of publishers and agents. The author often gave up much of their creative control and often a good portion of their profits in exchange for a publishing contract, distribution of the book, and some marketing. Likewise, some...

    Pacing-Tension Crafting a Page Turner with Steve Shrott

    Writing a book is a hard work, but writing a page-turner is even harder. Steve will teach the secrets that authors who write thrillers use to grab the reader from the opening sentence until the end. This workshop will show you, How to grab your reader from the opening paragraph The three...
  7. SuzanneJefferies

    Pacing-Tension Tighten Your Writing with Suzanne Jefferies

    Show don’t tell, deep point of view, too many adverbs! How do you make your writing tighter, punchier, and hit all those tick-boxes? In this week-long workshop I’ll take you through the six steps to make sure your romance writing is everything you want it to be.
  8. Amdenisch

    Comprehensive Worldbuilding - The Whole World View with Anna Denisch

    Throughout this 3-week workshop, writers will learn the ins and outs of worldbuilding and how to properly integrate information into their story. Week one will focus on macro-worldbuilding: how the world is shaped, what political powers are in play, and how religion and technology appear in the...
  9. LC Hayden

    Pacing-Tension Show, Don't Tell with LC Hayden

    We’ve all heard it: show, don’t tell. But what exactly does that mean? Award-winning author L. C. Hayden will address this and other important concerns. She will define the concept, show the reader how to tell which mode he’s in, and how to fix the problem. Hayden will then go an extra step...
  10. Landra Graf

    Pacing-Tension 5 W's of Conflict with Landra Graf

    Conflict is the reason stories happen. Conflict is keeping a romance from blossoming, a hero from reaching his goal, a villain trying to stop a hero, or even a killer from being stopped. Nine times out of ten a book falls flat because the conflict is non-existent and in this one-week course...
  11. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Character ARCHEPATHS – 5 Character Paradigms for Any Story with Pamela Jaye Smith

    You know how important it is for a character to have internal integrity – and how difficult that can sometimes be. Here’s a helpful system from classical myths. Warrior, Monk, Scientist, Magician, Lover – find and develop the best ArchePath for your characters, regardless of gender...
  12. Sunny Irene Roth

    Business Yes, You Can Write for the Travel Industry AND Enjoy a Lucrative Side Income with Irene Roth

    Are you interested in writing for the travel industry? Do you want to visit great places and pass on what you learned to others who are hoping to visit that very place in the near future? Do you want to learn how to write travel articles about places right in your own neighborhood? Do you want...
  13. CassandraCarr

    Plot-Structure Keep Your Plot Tight with Cassandra Carr

    Every writer, but especially beginning writers, have trouble keeping their plots moving. We've all heard about the "sagging middle" and other gotchas authors run into, but how do you avoid these pitfalls? In this workshop you'll learn tried and true techniques for making sure your reader...

    Genre Writing Toward the End-of-the-World: Dystopian, Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Fiction with June D

    Fascinated with end-of-the-world stories? Or what it might be like to live after the end? Or societies gone wrong? This workshop will help you to explore these types of fiction so you can write stories of your own. Exercises will help you to develop your own ideas and draft a short story or...
  15. TereMichaels

    Craft Our Writer's Voice with Tere Michaels

    Our Writer's Voice is more than how we write – it’s also about what and why we write. An understanding of our journey from consumer to creator can have a major impact on a career. From choosing projects to understanding and moving through blocks to creating an authentic and unique brand, your...
  16. Angela Knight

    Craft Blastoff Beginnings: Writing opening chapters that take readers along for the ride w/ Angela Knight

    In this month-long online class, New York Times best-selling author Angela Knight discusses how to write a beginning that will have readers clicking the BUY button. Knight examines the elements that engage the reader’s curiosity and make her care about your characters. She will explain how to...
  17. C

    Plot-Structure Lights! Camera! Bestseller! with Chris Redding

    Chris Redding will show you how movie making and scriptwriting techniques can make your novel come alive. She will cover the three act structure of most movies and instruct you on how you can use movie magic including shot lists to make your novel a bestseller. No need to write anything special...
  18. ineswrites

    Craft Serializing: Using the Structure of Episodic TV to Craft Your Serialized Novel with Ines Johnson

    Shows like Scandal and The Walking Dead pride themselves on the jaw dropping final few seconds of the show which have viewers eager to tune in the next week. Never hear another complaint about a cliffhanger ending again when you learn to plot your serialized novel like a season of a television...
  19. Kate McMurray

    Craft Beyond Spellcheck: Self-Editing Before Submission with Kate McMurray

    You’ve written a book and you want to give it one last spit polish before submitting to editors and agents, but grammar isn’t exactly your strong suit. No problem! Two professional editors give some tips and tricks for how to self-edit, including checking for common errors, to help you make your...

    Genre How to Write a Sci-Fi Short Story with Steve Shrott

    In this workshop, you’ll delve into the secrets of writing amazing science fiction short stories. Some of the topics covered are: Creating original and intriguing sci-fi premises that hook readers Techniques used in the most successful science fiction Secrets of writing time travel, first...