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Hello everyone!
We are just super thrilled to get this year's Autumn Pitchfest started! Just to catch everyone up, yesterday I posted all the threads for Pitchfest.
you can access them here right from the front page feed or you can access them from the Pub Pros bios on the Agents and Editors profile pages.
Right now you cannot reply to these threads. That is because Pitchfest won't open for two more days (Wednesday, 9AM EST). But once I turn on the replies, you will be able to post. Please do review the FAQ. And feel free to ask questions here.

Remember your pitch must have the following:

  1. Your pitch must be:
    1. Three lines (sentences)
    2. Less than 250 words (honestly this is a LOT!!! )
    3. Be aligned with what the agent or editor requests.
    4. Must contain at LEAST ONE of the agent or editor's "Currently Looking for" tags (NEW THIS YEAR!!)
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My pitch is only 66 words but it is 4 sentences. That is ok, right? I am in the pitch workshop where they said word count is more important than sentence count. Want to confirm that.
Hi Miss Bert
You are correct! 66 words is perfect. Angela also checked with us about this so you are good to go!
Happy Pitching!
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Following on from this, I have a 100 word, 5 sentence pitch. Is that acceptable?
And is there a link to the pitch workshop or was it a one off event?
I'm rather new here and still getting my head around it all. What a great space and opportunity you provide!

Hi Nikki!
Welcome and thanks for the questions! Yes a 100 word, 5 sentence pitch is fine. (Note to self to update the FAQ! LOL). The pitch prep workshop was a single event. It ran last week. We usually have a couple of editors who offer to help with pitches, This year Angela Knight offered and ran it.
Let us know if you have more questions!

Good luck and happy pitching!
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If you pitch and it says "new," but then you go back and edit the pitch, I noticed it doesn't say "new" anymore. Will agents still see it? Or is there another way to flag it as "new," so it doesn't get missed? Thank you!
That's the site tracking what is new for you. Once you have looked at a post then it notes that this is no longer new for you. So the agents will see the "new" indicator for all posts that they have not viewed.
Hope this helps!
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