1. Becky Martinez

    Craft Writing and Selling Short Stories with Becky Martinez

    Short stories and novellas have become increasingly popular for readers who want something quick to read on their ereaders, Ipads, Kindles and Nooks. Writers are trying to get more of their work in the hands of readers and they are turning increasingly to writing short stories as a way to...
  2. ineswrites

    Business Building a Newsletter Automation Sequence with Ines Johnson

    Have you chosen your newsletter provider but aren’t receiving many sign ups? Are readers signing up for your newsletter but unsubscribing soon after? Are you getting subscribers but are unsure how to bring them on board? In this course we will discuss strategies and tactics of crafting a...
  3. Sunny Irene Roth

    Business Yes, You Can Write for the Travel Industry AND Enjoy a Lucrative Side Income with Irene Roth

    Are you interested in writing for the travel industry? Do you want to visit great places and pass on what you learned to others who are hoping to visit that very place in the near future? Do you want to learn how to write travel articles about places right in your own neighborhood? Do you want...
  4. P

    Business 10 Out of the Box Ways to Market Your Work in Progress with Patricia Fischer

    Authors have enough on their plates as they create their newest book, but getting the word out about their WIPs, whether they are a debut or published author is crucial to keeping readers and finding new ones. Marketing doesn’t come naturally for many authors. It can be excruciating to know...
  5. terrimain

    Business Web Design with WordPress 5.0 with Terri Main

    If you have used WordPress to build your website or blog, there are changes coming. In a major update, the classic page/post edition has been radically changed. Before upgrading to WordPress 5.0 or if your webserver has automatically updated, you need to know how to design your website using the...
  6. Stephanie Hansen

    Business Publishing Contracts with Stephanie Hansen

    An agent can give authors updates on an ever-changing industry, tips about the best-suited publishers for a particular book style, and legal advice about publishing contracts. During my journey as an agent, I've represented authors ranging from debut to bestselling, and have reviewed and...
  7. terrimain

    Business Writing to Teach: How-to’s, Courses, and Instructional Video Scripts with Terri Main

    This is known as the information age. Lifelong learning whether in a formal context like a course or training seminar or informally through reading how-to books and watching videos, is now the norm. A Pew Internet survey found that 74% of American adults had participated in at least one formal...
  8. terrimain

    Business WordPress for Authors with Terri Main

    Wordpress used to be a simple blogging software. Even when it began adding more extensive web building capabilities, it still looked like "Just another Wordpress Site." But in the past five years, the level of sophistication makes it the perfect platform for small to mid-sized business - and...
  9. Karen Wiesner

    Business Writing Blurbs that Sizzle—And Sell! with Karen Wiesner

    Make your book fly off the shelves! Are you an author who dislikes or dreads trying to write back cover blurbs for your stories, or have you started one and want help making yours sizzle with intrigue and impact? Would you like to utilize a series blurb but you're not sure where to start in...
  10. CassandraCarr

    Business Pinterest for Authors – Unlocking the Secrets with Cassandra Carr

    Pinterest can be a great tool for authors to grow their audience and increase sales. But many authors are intimidated by the sheer magnitude of information and don't know what to do. In this workshop you will learn how to: - Navigate through Pinterest - Create or modify a profile to reflect...
  11. terrimain

    Business The Basics of Marketing for Writers with Terri Main

    In today's competitive publishing world, both traditional and indie published authors must take part in marketing their own work. A major publisher may have a large marketing department, but they are also publishing hundreds of books per year. A small publisher may have no marketing department...
  12. ineswrites

    Marketing 101 with Ines Johnson

    This workshop is for new authors putting out their first or second book who are struggling for visibility. Learn how to break through the cacophony to get onto Amazon Top Selling Lists in the first few months of your release.