Action Sequences: Writing Heart-Pounding Fight Scenes, Chases and Climaxes with Angela Knight

Pacing-Tension Action Sequences: Writing Heart-Pounding Fight Scenes, Chases and Climaxes with Angela Knight

Angela was kind and generous with her time. It will be interesting to see how my new pitch will play out in query letters, but I feel much confident.
The pitch lesson was useful and the feedback from Angela Knight and RJ was invaluable upon each and every attempt to improve our pitch. Very helpful and empowering class. It is worth taking.
I appreciate Angela's feedback and the opportunity to pitch to agents and editors even though I think I messed up the location of my pitches! This is definitely a worthwhile event.
The instructor was responsive to questions and followed the timeline. I appreciated the attention to detail and the respect for everyone's time. The instructions were concise and easy to follow.
Angela seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to boiling down a novel to a few sentences. Her knowledge, experience, and teaching skills are first rate!
Angela Knight's lectures—demonstrations of how to write a blurb and a pitch–were helpful. What I liked best was the way Angela gently but firmly pushed me to think harder, cut unnecessary words and really get to the nub of my novel. I saw this, too, in the way Angela nudged my classmates to hone their pitches. Angela's mastery of the pitch also inspired me to work harder at my wordsmithing. I'm grateful for the opportunity to take part in the pitch class and look forward to attending more of Angela's classes.
Angela was awesome. She was prompt with her responses, answered all my questions and helped me understand the keys to creating a strong pitch. Thank you Angela.
The lessons and critique that Angela gave were extremely valuable and helpful to my process. Would totally take another class given by AK!
The lessons were interesting and informative. Angela Knight's critiques are a fantastic value. I highly recommend her classses.
I really enjoyed this class. It was informative, fun, and exceeded all expectations. In Angela's class she always gives more than what the class description promises.
I can't say enough about how useful and awesome Angela Knight is as a best-selling author instructing other writers. This webinar was quite useful. I'm revising my NaNoWriMo novel at this time and I felt like she was speaking to me, as a gerbil stuck in an exercise wheel...rewriting/revising. She is very in your face realistic, organized and practical. Everyone can gain from her classes and webinars.
Get Ready for NaNoWriMo with Angela Knight is one of the best workshops I have ever taken. Clear, concise and to the point practical advise to use when outlining a novel. Her lecture was easy to follow and all notes were provided in a PDF, so during the workshop you could just enjoy the presentation without worrying you've missed something.

Excellent printable story grid was provided for use when outining a novel and best of all an example to follow. Angela had everything I would ever need or expect from a presenter in one sweet package. Her knowlege, volume of work, and years of experience are evident and I am honored to have been able to learn from her.
Angela Knight shares her techniques and I have tried several of them. Taking walks while brainstorming my book worked for me in the past. I tried it again and am thankful she reminded me of a method I had forgotten about. I liked the video format of this course, which is a change for me, rather than reading files. She is a great teacher and explains her worksheets well, referring to her recently completed novel, Arcane Deception. I also like that she continues to share any toolbox of resources to get back into writing her next book, long after the course is done. Thank you!
This comprehensive workshop in which Angela shows her entire system for creating a book was done with video, text, and charts. The way in which she presents in all those formats helped me to understand and retain the massive amount of material presented. From brainstorming the initial idea, constructing each section of the first draft, rewrites, editing, creating a cover, and more is covered (and not just in passing). The walking/recording while brainstorming was a revelation to me. Seriously the best investment I've ever made in a workshop--both in terms of money and time. Too bad the rating is capped at five stars. I'd give this one ten.
I am so glad I took Angela's class. It's the first workshop that has ever taken me through the entire process of writing a book. Taking a video "walK" with Angela as she brainstorms her book showed me that other writers think as I do. The combination of video lessons and print lessons kept the flow of information varied and interesting. There was such pertinent, applicable information in the videos, so having them available for several months is a huge plus. If you want to take a workshop that gives you the whole picture of writing a book, from the idea stage to the last chapter, look no further. Blueprint to Success is worth your time and money.
Seeing Angela Knight fix things in her doc. was an eye-opener for me. Having visual breaks from the written word by using her art was... I have no words. As an artist it was epic to see in a writing class. It helped me stay focused while feeding my love of visual art with my love writing. This class fed my soul and filled my well. I needed it. Her teaching style is entertaining while she she teaches. I found myself laughing out loud in the best ways at certain times. That's the caution I can give, you might laught too loud. You get the visual, the audio, the docs. Don't hesitate. This was awesome!
I loved this workshop! I learned various things along the way to make my characters stronger ad my plotting tighter. Over the years, I've taken workshops Angela has given and she never, ever, disappoints. Her teaching is to the point and passionate, easy to understand. I highly recommend this workshop and any others by Angela Knight.
This has been the best fifty bucks I have ever spent! Angela provides a combination of both video and written content, including grids, graphs and sample outlines. Everything needed to write a novel from start to finish. On top of that, critiques are offered and a discussion forum that is detailed and informative. If you haven't taken this class yet, then you're missing out!
Wonderful class and instructor. Would recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to be a writer and be successful!! Awesome teacher with lots of info to share.
I already knew Angela Knight was an amazing instructor from previous classes/webinars I've taken. Although I assumed I already knew the foundation of novel building, seeing the instructor's name, I knew I would benefit to learn her process. The new multimedia format of the course was like having Angela in your home or beside you, as a walking buddy. The videos and word/pdf lesson attachments illustrated the lessons so well. The experience was incredible. The author walks the class through her process to create the novel she discusses in the course as an example for the students. Her input on homework and critiques is invaluable. She is kind and available/accessible to answer student questions. I cannot praise this class or the instructor enough. No, I'm not a relative of Her's either. I applaud her thoroughness and openness to want to help aspiring authors.