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  1. Angela Knight

    Craft Conflict as the Building Blocks of Plot and Character with Angela Knight

    Without conflict, there is no story. Plots are built of blocks of conflict—internal, external and romantic. In this lesson, Angela discusses tools you can use to brainstorm your conflicts and design characters who butt heads.
  2. Angela Knight

    Craft Action Sequences: Writing Heart-Pounding Fight Scenes, Chases and Climaxes with Angela Knight

    A crucial ingredient of great romantic suspense and adventure is the fight scene. Yet many writers have a difficult time pulling off believable fights and climaxes that deliver on reader expectations. New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight discusses the techniques she uses to create...
  3. Angela Knight

    Expert Event Your Novel's BluePrint with Changeling Press Editor Angela Knight

    Ask an Editor what the slush pile looks like, and they'll tell you it's full of bad manuscripts, poorly edited manuscripts, and an occasional diamond in the rough. Learn how to avoid the slush from the start by working with a publishing professional to prepare Your Novel's BluePrint in this...
  4. Angela Knight

    Craft Braiding Conflicts to Build the Perfect Climax with Angela Knight

    The basic building blocks of romance fiction are conflicts: internal, external, and romantic. Strong conflicts drive readers to keep reading in order to discover who wins. No matter how beautiful the writing is, if the conflict isn’t strong enough, the reader will get bored and go read...
  5. Angela Knight

    Craft Blastoff Beginnings: Writing Opening Chapters That Take Readers along for the Ride w/ Angela Knight

    In this month-long online class, New York Times best-selling author Angela Knight discusses how to write a beginning that will have readers clicking the BUY button. Knight examines the elements that engage the reader’s curiosity and make her care about your characters. She will explain how to...