Being, Doing, Becoming – The Heroic Flaw and The Heroic Journey with Alicia Rasley

Character Being, Doing, Becoming – The Heroic Flaw and The Heroic Journey with Alicia Rasley

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Fiction, like nature, is all about change. So in a story, heroism requires more than being perfectly heroic, and even more than committing heroic acts. It also requires the ability to change under pressure, to grow into someone better even if it hurts.

In the same way, creating a heroic character requires more of the author than merely creating a perfectly brave protagonist and inventing exciting events to showcase those powers and skills. It requires providing the protagonist the need to change, the courage to change, the opportunity to change, and the motivation to change.

The imperfect protagonist makes the three-dimensional story possible. The character moving through the external plot is a story of only two dimensions. The internal journey, the process towards psychological or emotional or life change, provides the depth that takes this story into three dimensions.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore how you can determine your own character’s heroic flaw, and use it to develop a meaningful opening, a powerful journey, and a dramatic and satisfying ending.
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Great class with tons of information that offered me some new ways to look at my characters and offered me valuable insight into my antagonist. I will go back to these lectures again and again to help me build three-dimensional characters.
This class gave me so much to think about and one of those surprising yet inevitable revelations. I thought it was a great mix of theory and application. I'll be coming back to these lessons frequently!