Developing a Premise and a Story Arc with Terri Main

Craft Developing a Premise and a Story Arc with Terri Main

Terri did a good job providing information that I personally needed and responding to my questions with examples and suggestions that finally clarified a problem I'd been struggling with. Very, very helpful. The only reason that I didn't give her 5 stars was because there was more of a lag in responses than I had expected with so few students asking for comments. However, I got exactly what I needed and in a timely enough fashion that I was able to get all my assignments in on time and be satisfied that they might actually work for a premise and story arc ;)
I highly recommend this class. It covered how to develop a concept and plan/plot it and how to prepare the manuscript and design the cover. I really enjoyed this class and It gave me a sense of confidence to see how easy it can be if one is organized. The instructor offers feedback if the student uploads the homework. The lessons and assignments get the book started and on the right track. Due to family and work drama I didn't totally finish the book but I have a decent outline to just flesh out. If you are not a published nonfiction author or seek do publish on your own, don't hesitate to take this course. I applaud the instructor.
It's hard to review the class when it's not over. The one thing I could suggest is giving a better explanation for homework. Not the ass8gnment itself that was clear but did not know where to put the homework. I out it in the comments because I did not know where else to.put it.
Clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the Kindle Creator plug-in for MS-word. No fluff, just straight to the point, along with some humor made this an enjoyable, very informative and useful class. Thank you
The information was valuable, but Terri was unfortunately not very responsive, while there were few actual assignments or practical parts of this one. Maybe for $10 would've been worth it, but not for the price paid unfortunately.
This course got me "over the hump" on one of the hardest aspects of editing my draft. Extremely helpful, and so well run! :)
I would have liked to be able to interact more easily with Terri. Also to see her actually going through the steps, rather than just have a few pages of instructions to print out. I'm using a Mac and I still don't understand some of the instructions, I would like some videos so I could watch her moving through the processes. Thanks for the class.
BTW, I did upload a video in response to this suggestion. It's available in the forum. That was a good suggestion.
The information shared was excellent. I really wanted to rate this class a 5. Two reasons I didn't - 1) the lesson number on the files didn't match the lesson number inside the file, which became confusing at times; and 2) Questions were not answered in a timely fashion, possibly not at all. However, the problems with the savvy site could have affected the latter concern. I WILL take more classes with the instructor.
I enjoyed the class very much and it helped me to feel more motivated, and encouraged, to work on my website. I especially appreciate all the handouts and lesson plans that were provided by the instructor.
The information presented in this class was straight-forward and organized. I followed the instructions and created a nice book video.
I chose this class on impulse after reading Terri Main's blog advertising the class. (A member of SavvyAuthors since 2015 and just now realizing that these blogs contain a wealth of information!) She advised that writers, including wannabes, don't have to blow a fortune hiring an editor. We can learn to do our own editing and significantly cut down on our costs of forwarding a book toward publication. Terri's very thorough in her step-by-step process of how to read through your manuscript for proper story structure, setting, characters and POV. She welcomes questions and has endless patience when it comes to assisting those of us who are clueless at times (speaking for myself, of course). Glad that I happened to read her blog and located this class. Ending my Savvy year of courses on a high note! Thanks, Terri!
When I signed up for this course, I had no experience in writing about transgendered characters and had not given any thought to that possibility. But when I saw the course title, I knew it would help me to give depth to my other characters, at the very least. I feared it might be a course taught by someone who decided to take up this genre and after a couple of books, etc., deemed themselves an expert. This course was the mother lode in that Terri Main's background experience was solid: she has transitioned, she's a teacher, and she's a counselor. Three in one! And she opened the course teaching about empathy. I knew I could try then. Her lessons were well crafted and easy to follow (good for the oldster in me). She got me to actually write from the mindset of one undergoing this process. This opened me to so much emotion. I am reading her book "Still Standing", and my heart is both weeping and rejoicing at the same time. Terri was patient with my questions and kind when delivering her critiques. I now have two characters in mind for future writing. What saddened me about the course was the lack of input from other classmates. I realize people are busy, etc., but this denied Terri the opportunity for offering extra tips. I'm glad she is here at Savvy. I'm in another class of hers. But this one will be the one by which I remember her. Thanks, Terri. And Savvy, too.
Very insightful and thought provoking, but would have enjoyed being able to ask questions. Still, I am way more sensitive to the issues of transgenders that I was before. Thank you for that.
Toward the end of the class, I could not locate the homework for the individual lectures. That is the only problem I encountered. Other than that the class was fantastic. The instructor did a great job with the lectures and giving us feedback on the homework assignments I could find. Thank you for having this class. I will definitely sign up for more classes in the future.
Every lesson does not have homework. I guess I should have explained that. All of the homework was posted in the homework section. I'm not someone to just give makework assignments. But that is something I should have made clear.
Informative and useful materials for all kinds of planners, specific strategies to help you finish your manuscript, and an inspiring instructor who dedicated a great deal of time providing detailed feedback to all participants. Highly recommended.
Informative workshop for organizing a non-fiction book.
Thanks for your review. I appreciate it.