1. Kate McMurray

    Craft Writing Vivid Settings with Kate McMurray

    Setting is often treated as just window dressing, but it can inform every part of a story, right down to plotting and pacing and how characters speak and behave. In this workshop, we’ll discuss how to turn Generic Town, USA, into a living, breathing place that your characters inhabit. We’ll...
  2. mawado

    Craft The Counter: Using Negative Space in Your Writing with Mark Dooley

    We struggle to make our writing significant for readers. We often neglect to take make good use of the negative spaces in our writing. When we take advantage of negative spaces, we invite our readers to share in the worlds we’ve created. They collaborate by filling in their own images and...
  3. Tracy Koppel

    Craft Deep Dive Into Descriptions of Setting with Tracy Koppel

    We'll look at how to make settings come alive for the reader, how to use setting to show the POV character's emotion, and how to use settings to slow down action scenes that would otherwise be too fast.
  4. Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Story Design: a series of lectures.

    Do you have one or more ideas for a story but aren’t sure what to do with it? Learn how to develop your idea into a story with author Hank Quense. During his Story Design series of lectures you’ll build your characters, create a plot, design the scenes and more.
  5. terrimain

    Craft Developing a Premise and a Story Arc with Terri Main

    We combine Premise and Story Arc into the first course. The premise forms the foundation and a way to test the story idea which leads to creating a story arc. Here's the description of the course: You have an idea for a novel, but it takes more than a vague idea to have a viable story premise...
  6. CreatingStories very small.jpeg

    CreatingStories very small.jpeg

    Do you have a story in you? Do you know how to write it or how to tell it? Creating Stories has the answers. Hank Quense, the author of more than twenty books, tells you how to do it.
  7. Jacqui Jacoby

    Research Behind the Scenes: The Research Before the Book with Jacqui Jacoby

    Before the book, before a writer types a word on a page, there is an idea. And behind that idea are the characters, the background, the location. Research is an important aspect of any story. Whether the writer prepares their background information before they begin to write the story, or if...

    Craft How to Create & Use a Series Bible with June Diehl

    We’ve all heard of writers using a series bible. But how is it best used while writing a series and what should it include? During the four weeks of the workshop, we’ll explore how to create a series bible that fits what you’re writing and how to use and maintain your series bible over the...
  9. Catherine Peace

    World-Setting Why Worldbuilding is the Secret Ingredient with Catherine Peace

    This course focuses on everything you'll need to build a world from the ground up. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced author looking to brush up on your skills, Why Worldbuilding (is the Secret Ingredient) will navigate you through one of the hardest and most rewarding parts of the...
  10. Leslie Scott

    World-Setting Don’t TELL me that! with Leslie Scott

    Don’t TELL me that! An interactive workshop that will teach you to break down the wall of the dreaded manuscript telling and show your readers a whole new world. This workshop is an incredibly immersive and interactive workshop for beginning and intermediate writers. You are encouraged to...