Romance Writers: Getting to Grips with Inner Conflict with Suzanne Jefferies

Genre-Romance Romance Writers: Getting to Grips with Inner Conflict with Suzanne Jefferies

I enjoyed the exercises. They got me deeper into my character's hearts and minds. These skills will help me be a better writer. I just wish there had been more interaction between the other participants - like one or two chats.
This is my first class with Suzanna Jeffries. I adored this class. Informative lectures and constructive exercises. She is super knowledgeable and incredibly motivating. She took the time to provide beneficial feedback. I look forward to taking many more classes instructed by her.
Suzanne Jefferies' class offered strategies on using strong verbs and removing pesty fillers. The fun exercises sparked my creative voice and deepened my POV. I would recommend the class to anyone looking to tighten their writing.
This was a really good workshop, super helpful and full of great advice. Thanks Suzanne!
Suzanne's class opened my eyes to all aspects of love-making and how to incorporate them into emotional love scenes. There are so many things to consider when writing "sex" and she opened my eyes to all of them. Great class!
This workshop is helpful - supplying backup material and great examples. The feedback was always fast (sometimes fast is good), and encouraging.
Suzanne really knows her stuff! Always great to get her take on things, and as with her other webinars, this one of writing sex scenes was informative and helpful. Some of the examples of bad scenes...ha ha, let that never be me!
Suzanne Jefferies' webinar on writing sex was insightful and fun. Her explanation of the different Heat Levels will aid me in determining what to pitch to agents.
Much of her information will be put to use soon.
I am so glad I enrolled in this class. It has taught me so much and given me so much to consider. I will be referring back to the class materials often. I only wish we'd had more time so I could've done all the exercises. Feedback was very helpful and encouraging.
This was a great class! It helped me refine my writing and really look at internal conflict and how to effectively use it. The class material is something I will certainly refer to for future writing projects.
This was such a fantastic class! I learned so much in such a short time, and walked away with some great tips. It definitely helped me tighten my writing and become better!
Quick review of the basics of tightening your manuscript with a super-useful checklist at the end that I'll refer back to every time I sit down to edit. Fun examples and homework to put skills to work. Great class.