1. SuzanneJefferies

    Genre Romance Writers: Getting to Grips with Inner Conflict with Suzanne Jefferies

    What makes a great romance novel is the inner conflict that the lovers experience. Yet, working out our characters' inner conflict can be intimidating! But, it needn’t be. In this workshop, we’ll talk about: What inner conflict is Why inner conflict is important How to create inner conflict...
  2. CupidsListFinal-compressed.jpg


    What happens when you find the man who checks all the boxes on your Cupid's List?
  3. Naughty List compressed.jpg

    Naughty List compressed.jpg

    What happens when your boss finds your naughty letter to Santa?
  4. Something Like Happy

    Something Like Happy

    An emotional and thought-provoking novel about friendship, love and day-to-day struggles with mental health. Jade is just trying to get by. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She doesn’t want a fuss. But one day she meets Nick and everything changes.
  5. Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles #1)

    Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles #1)

    They're a perfect match. But the true monster isn't the beast, it's the beauty.
  6. Elephant Creek Book cover (rgb)small.jpg

    Elephant Creek Book cover (rgb)small.jpg

    Steamy, sexy, romantic suspense set on the Gold Coast will intrigue and delight. Emma Jarvis has a dilemma — keep dating rock-star handsome Wade or pursue her crush on sexy, silent, probably-married Noah? Noah Cooper and his Down’s Syndrome daughter, Hope, are due for a fresh start.
  7. GIF_TFPM_FINALgif.gif


    1 hot farmer+ 2 stunning girls competing for his affections = I hit reality tv show. Until gorgeous girl number 3 enters the picture.
  8. Falling in Love Again

    Falling in Love Again

    A charming adventurer. A pragmatic paleontologist. A hundred-million-year-old treasure buried in the Australian outback. There can be only one winner in this struggle between star-crossed lovers.
  9. Fling With The Flying Doctor

    Fling With The Flying Doctor

    A cynical doctor. A nurse with a secret. How far would you go for the person you loved?
  10. Deborah Bailey

    Genre How to Maintain Romantic Conflict with Deb Bailey

    Without conflict there is no story. Your characters have to grow and they have to be challenged. They fall in love, break up and make up until the HEA or HFN. How do you keep the tension and conflict as they go through their story arc? What keeps them going and what conflicts do they have to...
  11. The Artist's Secret (Brindabella Secrets, #2)

    The Artist's Secret (Brindabella Secrets, #2)

    New South Wales, 1887 Despite their growing attraction, both Peter and Elizabeth have secrets that will come between them.
  12. Jess Calla

    Intros & Newbies Hi Everyone! Seeking advice...

    Hi Everyone! I'm wondering how I can use this site (I'm a premium member now!) to learn and meet people. Where should I start? What should I do? WHERE AM I ??? hahaha. I am a romance writer, small press and indie published. I did sign up for some of the SavvyWriterCon events, so I'm looking...
  13. ineswrites

    Genre Plot Your Sweet Romance by Watching Hallmark Movies with Ines Johnson

    Millions of viewers tune in each night to watch movies on the Hallmark Channel. What if you could break down the elements of one of these love stories, scene by scene, to help you plot your next sweet romance novel? Let veteran television writer, Ines Johnson, teach you the story beats that will...
  14. Stranded.jpg


    Fourteen short stories of savvy, capable women suddenly finding themselves in challenging circumstances--vulnerable to the elements and their situation where fear is surpassed by attraction, and they become vulnerable in different ways
  15. First Reponse.jpg

    First Reponse.jpg

    Fifteen short stories featuring firefighters, cops or simply the first brave person to sweep to the rescue and into love regardless of the dangers.
  16. Fogged Up Fairy Tale

    Fogged Up Fairy Tale

    Romance/Women's Fiction Brand Rye’s life has come to a halt. She’s lost everything—even her memory. As Brand learns about her life, she begins to realize that she isn’t the person she hopes to be... or is she?
  17. Landra Graf

    Genre Plot A Romance In Two Weeks with Landra Graf

    Plot a Romance Novel in 2 weeks. Set your book up for success with detailed character outlines that deepen story connection and worldbuilding. You're familiar with some plotting, but still unsure you're taking the right path... learn a structure that's simple to grasp and easy to use for any...
  18. Kris

    Genre Keys To Powerful Romance Fiction with Kris Kennedy

    Romance is the hottest genre in fiction. It has limitless subgenres and a voracious reader base. But adding a love interest isn't enough. You have to respect the genre, and you must deliver the genre conventions to meet reader expectations. Discover how to craft a powerful, character-driven...
  19. Long-Lost Love   Book #4 in the Calderone Family RomCom Series

    Long-Lost Love Book #4 in the Calderone Family RomCom Series

    Will high school memories haunt them forever? Can Stephen and Jen finally put their past behind them and recapture their long-lost love?
  20. Bianca_trio.png


    Sedona Series: Book One Fairy Rose, Book Two Emerald's Cove and Book three Agartha Lara Clint, a skilled modern day daemon hunter hears a voice beckoning her to awaken and re