2020 SavvyAuthors WriterCon: Dreams to Reality

Writing Life 2020 SavvyAuthors WriterCon: Dreams to Reality

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Let's face it, publishing is more competitive than ever and we all need ACTIONABLE content! That is content that we know will help us move or careers along and not be too cumbersome to use or hard to learn. With this in mind, we are presenting three content-packed days filled with mini-workshops, classes, webinars and other events that will provide you with something you can use today to improve your craft, sharpen your business skills, slay those promo demons and MORE!

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Start date
Sep 11, 2020 at 9:00 AM
End date
Sep 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM
Registration end date
Sep 12, 2020 at 12:00 AM
4.21 star(s) 68 ratings

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Latest reviews

Tons of great information! I look forward to this every year. The webinars were informative and most of the mini intensives gave a great deal of information.
I really enjoyed the presentations and events I was able to attend. Some lectures I'm still behind on reviewing but I know the information will be very helpful. I missed the live webinars due life but I hope to listen to the recordings this week. Obviously in person events are better but this one was good, too.
I have taken many helpful classes over the years here at Savvy Authors. I have always known there are many romance authors and teachers, but I’d really like to see more classes with instructors who write YA or fiction that the main story line isn’t romance. Because when someone gives an example and it’s only for romance, I’m lost in the explanation. And I guess after all these years, I need more advanced instruction?

Thanks so much for all you do here.
So many choices, and all good courses and webinars! I so enjoyed the presentations, but had a few minor tech difficulties getting to a webinar or two. The tech and directions were good, and sometimes things just fail. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make this conference come together. Good Job!!!
2020 SavvyWriterCon was such a wonderful experience for me. I could log in at my convenience and participate in the workshops that fit my needs and interests. I found the presenters to be knowledgable and I picked up some great tools and tips that will help with my future writing endeavors! Great event!
The intensives were hit and miss. Some instructors were better prepared than others and Meredith's teaching experience definitely showed. I found the SavvyAuthors platform non-intuitive and cumbersome to use. Something like Teachable has a better flow.

The webinar platform is the worst I've ever used. I had constant drop outs on the audio, the bubbles got in the way, the controls are non-intuitive, the chat window intrusive. Not to say that most of the others are much better. There's a reason that Zoom now has 300 million users. They go above and beyond to make the platform easy to use.

Personally I found the course emails useless. I have not figured out by what algorithm they are sent. Not sure what the purpose is of telling me about random student posts. I received few instructor post emails, which mattered more. Even those would get overwhelming, since many instructors respond to every student post. If instructors post new content to a new thread, it's somewhat obvious in the course, although the post-based ordering is extremely annoying and confusing. Nevertheless, an email about each new thread doesn't help either. Frankly, beyond a morning reminder or one specific to a time-sensitive webinar is all that's needed.
It was awesome and I got so much out of it. I can’t wait until next year. I enjoyed the webinars and the mini intensives. It seemed like they were made just for me as far the topics went.
At times it was hard to navigate and figure things out. That was stressful, but other than that it was great.
The amount of choices for this con was two thumbs up! Having interaction with the teachers very nice. I would have liked more live lectures; however I’m not going to complain. The intensive min-courses were very good; particularly the plot circle one. Thank you for holding this! :-)
Loved both the workshops and the webinars that I was able to attend! I learned from not only those who gave presentations, but also from the comments given by the participants. My only regret was not being able to finish each one and not being able to attend Sunday.
The conference was fabulous.

Dr. Paquette's little "add on" class (the history of the English language) was phenomenal.

The presentation by Jacqui Lipton on contracts was clear, concise, and useful.

The presentation by Martha Engber was fabulous. I really enjoyed her energy and feedback.

And, bonus points! My crit partner, Desiree Kendrick, did a through, excellent, and very useful critique giving me solid things to work on.

The support was great. This is my first SavvyAuthrors conference. It's also my first online conference. I'm impressed. Well done!
This was amazing! I registered and attended every workshop and mini intensive I could and was not disappointed in any of the classes I attended. I thought, being free, this was going to be okay but it was so very much more! I loved it all! Thank you!
Amazing variety of spot-on topics. Savvy staff at the ready to help with technical issues. Great information shared and new friends made. Thank you!
It was comprehensive,U I learned a lot by attending. I hope I can go to another one.Joan Ramirez
For a free conference, the material was outstanding. My issues were with attendee communication.

Some of the classes posted all materials on Day 1 and others posted some each day. I would prefer to know up-front which way it will be. I stayed up way too late on Friday trying to cram in all of one class's lessons thinking there would be the same amount of information on day two and that I'd be behind if I didn't finish. In the last lesson, I learned that it was the entire class. I'd already finished the weekend's assignments. The lessons were fantastic, but in order to manage our time better, it helps to know how the class will be presented. I could have spread them over all three days had I known.

The other issue was that since this was my first time, I didn't understand that the non-live classes were written materials only. It was not clear that I would have to go to posts marked "lecture" to view materials. It was easy to navigate once I knew, but I don't see any place that warns you how the conference would work for new people.

That said, I appreciate the caliber of instructors you invited to present. Thank you for putting this together. I know from experience it takes a lot of work. Overall, well done.
I appreciated the approach of the presenter of Historical Research and Worldbuilding. She neither overwhelmed or underwhelmed me, but gave me just enough to get me started.
I attended a couple of events and found them to be insightful and informative. The teachers were knowledgeable and helpful.