Braiding Conflicts to Build the Perfect Climax with Angela Knight

Pacing-Tension Braiding Conflicts to Build the Perfect Climax with Angela Knight

This was my first Savvy class that consisted entirely of reading daily posts. I was a tad leery, to say the least. But Angela was thorough, detailed and offered her own thought processes with a book of hers so I could see exactly how she put her lessons into practice. I found I needed to set aside some solid time to read and absorb the long lessons (some were more than 30 pages printed out), so I was often behind. But each lesson has me rethinking my approach to my current book. GREAT STUFF!
This is one of the best writing courses I've taken, and I've taken quite a few. As others have said, her critiques, lectures, and worksheets are invaluable. Angela was very generous with her time and quick to respond to questions and emails. I highly recommend taking this course.
Fabulous class! The level of detail and attention that Angela puts into the lectures is outstanding. Her critique combined with the lectures and worksheets makes this course invaluable. I will be returning to these materials again and again!
The critique alone was well worth the price of the class.
This class was awesome.