1. Stranded.jpg


    Fourteen short stories of savvy, capable women suddenly finding themselves in challenging circumstances--vulnerable to the elements and their situation where fear is surpassed by attraction, and they become vulnerable in different ways
  2. First Reponse.jpg

    First Reponse.jpg

    Fifteen short stories featuring firefighters, cops or simply the first brave person to sweep to the rescue and into love regardless of the dangers.
  3. Fogged Up Fairy Tale

    Fogged Up Fairy Tale

    Romance/Women's Fiction Brand Rye’s life has come to a halt. She’s lost everything—even her memory. As Brand learns about her life, she begins to realize that she isn’t the person she hopes to be... or is she?
  4. Landra Graf

    Genre Plot A Romance In Two Weeks with Landra Graf

    Plot a Romance Novel in 2 weeks. Set your book up for success with detailed character outlines that deepen story connection and worldbuilding. You're familiar with some plotting, but still unsure you're taking the right path... learn a structure that's simple to grasp and easy to use for any...
  5. Kris

    Genre Keys To Powerful Romance Fiction with Kris Kennedy

    Romance is the hottest genre in fiction. It has limitless subgenres and a voracious reader base. But adding a love interest isn't enough. You have to respect the genre, and you must deliver the genre conventions to meet reader expectations. Discover how to craft a powerful, character-driven...
  6. Long-Lost Love   Book #4 in the Calderone Family RomCom Series

    Long-Lost Love Book #4 in the Calderone Family RomCom Series

    Will high school memories haunt them forever? Can Stephen and Jen finally put their past behind them and recapture their long-lost love?
  7. Bianca_trio.png


    Sedona Series: Book One Fairy Rose, Book Two Emerald's Cove and Book three Agartha Lara Clint, a skilled modern day daemon hunter hears a voice beckoning her to awaken and re
  8. ebooksize.jpg


    A dash of spice, a pinch of lavender, and a teardrop of hope makes Magically Delicious an adventurous read with warrior angels, enchanting women, and a flare of Nordic mythology.
  9. thearrangement.jpg


    She's got everything under control. He always gets what he wants. What happens when he makes an offer she can't refuse?
  10. The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney

    The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney

    New South Wales, 1885 Alice Ryan wakes to find thugs surrounding her cottage, and escapes into the surrounding bush. It is wealthy landowner Robert Farrer finds her. She's dishevelled, injured, and utterly unwilling to share what she knows.
  11. Kris

    Craft Plot Your Romance Novel In A Week By Turning Points with USA Today Bestseller Kris Kennedy

    Great stories have great structure. It’s vital for writers to deliver all the right hits, in all the right places, if they want to get on readers’ auto-buy lists. But most plotting methods aren’t specific for the romance genre.. Trying to adapt a single-protagonist, plot-centric structure will...
  12. CassandraCarr

    Character Crafting the Perfect Romantic Hero with Cassandra Carr

    There's an art to creating heroes who will make your readers fall in love at first sight. Different genres and plots call for distinct characteristics, but there are also universal traits all romance heroes should share. In this course you'll learn about various types of heroes and how to...
  13. VampWereZombie

    Genre Love and Pumpkin Spice – Writing Holiday Romance with Rebekah Ganiere

    What is the hype with Holiday Romances? Have you ever wondered why so many people do Holiday Romances? Or why there are so many people that read them? Ever wondered what it takes to write a Holiday Romance? Or when to publish it? Or when Publishers even send out calls for them? Well now you can...
  14. Jan Bill

    Craft Adding Funny to Your Romance with J. Wilder Bill

    Romance is just mating without a little laughter. Adding a bit of comedy to your storytelling gives authenticity to your characters. Comedy connects readers with your writing and gives cohesion to scenes. The course helps you develop a comedic character. The course guides you on how to add...
  15. Photo 6.JPG

    Photo 6.JPG

    Elsinore Cosgrove turns the husband she never wanted into the man of her dreams.
  16. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture BEYOND - Lesson Five "Search for the Soul Mate"

    BEYOND THE HEROINE’S JOURNEY LESSON #5 – The Search for the Soul Mate Pamela Jaye Smith “To cheat oneself out of love is the most terrible deception. It is an eternal loss for which there is no reparation, either in time or in eternity.” Søren Kierkegaard 1813-1855 Not all...
  17. R

    Intros & Newbies New Adult Writer

    Hello everyone, I am new here and a fairly new writer as well. I am excited about writing adult and erotic content. Still exploring the site, not sure how to access certain classes. Keeps telling me I don't have permission to view. Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. The Greenleaf Project

    The Greenleaf Project

    What would you do for love? A disastrous marriage. An overbearing mother. Her dream of being an architect stolen by her twin. It was all too much to bear, so ten years ago, Bridget Fletcher packed up her son and her broken heart and traded Sydney for the coastal paradise of White Rocks to build a li
  19. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture ALPHA BABES Lesson Eleven - Alpha Babes in Love

    LESSON #11 Alpha Babes in Love Pamela Jaye Smith Alpha Babes in love are a force to be reckoned with. While Alpha Babes are usually out saving worlds, rescuing others, inventing wondrous things, ruling countries, creating amazing art – they have also been known to interact with other...
  20. Stolen Secrets

    Stolen Secrets

    Offered an enormous sum by an anonymous benefactor for the acquisition of an ancient ceremonial relic, a sum that would keep the antiquities shop in Cairo her father left her afloat while she continued her own archaeological pursuits, Lady Isabella Valentine was distracted rather than tempted...