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Hanging out with my guys Beth Daniels

Every couple years, I hit a point where I feel lonesome over particular men in my past. Oh, not REAL guys but the heroes I’ve spent many happy (and sometimes frustrating) hours with. MY guys, MY heroes…you know, the ones I dreamed up and spun tales about. Sometimes...

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Prepare, Pitch, Publish 2017

Welcome to the SavvyAuthors 2017 Prepare, Pitch, and Publish session! You have come to the right place to pitch your book to a great editor and/or agent! Pitch from 8am EST February 15, to 11:59 PM EST February 17 No registration required. You do not have to be a...

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Great Characters are All Around Us By Becky Martinez

Like so many other women who started out in the work place in the early 70s, the recent death of Mary Tyler Moore really hit home to me. It was particularly personal because not only did I go out in search of my future in my Mustang, heading off to the unknown city as...

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Critiquing the New Author by Melinda Pierce

Not too long ago an author friend told me about her critique group dilemma. She was asked to critique a piece submitted from a fairly new author. After opening the document and only reading a couple pages, she closed it and told the coordinator she didn’t have the...

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Is writing a hobby or a business? by Joanne Dannon

Since it’s the beginning of the year, I was tempted to talk about goal setting and targets, however, discussion by RWA (Aust) writers got me thinking…. Hobby or Business? If you’re considering a career as an indie writer, I think it’s important to know if you write as...

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The Pro Rookie: Ladies? Please! by Liz Crowe

All right, settle down, settle down… it’s been a busy few weeks and we are heading into … ah… an interesting year so just take a deep breath and relax a second with me while I share something with you. I don’t usually get all bent out of shape over the comments people...

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