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The Importance of Proofreading by Ally Broadfield

Over the past few years, have you noticed more typos, misused words, incorrect grammar, and other errors in books? I certainly have, in books from small publishers, indie authors, and New York publishers. Given the state of the market, it’s understandable that authors...

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The Pro Rookie: She Said What?! by Liz Crowe

I’m a busy person. I mean, I’m not as busy as I used to be, considering that my three active kids are all out of the nest, my two dogs are older and sleep most of the day and I downsized my house. I did add a kitten which keeps things interesting…but I digress. My...

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Publishing Options with L. C. Hayden

Hi, there! My name is L. C. Hayden, creator of two award-winning and best selling series: the Harry Bronson Mystery Thrillers and the Aimee Brent Mystery Series. Besides writing suspense and mystery novels, I also pen another series, this one based on true,...

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Enter the SavvyWriterContest!

SavvyWriterContest It's super simple and the prizes are amazing!  We have books on craft and fiction and lots of crits and editorial reviews of your work! How do you enter? We're glad you asked! Anytime between 9 AM EST Friday, September 15 to Noon, EST Sunday,...

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Editors & Publishers for SavvyWriterCon Pitchfest

How this whole Pitchfest thing works... You post your three-line pitch as a comment on our blog Nope, no registration is required. Nope, you do not have to be a SavvyAuthors member. (But it is free...) BUT! A social media account is required to pitch. Lastly, please...

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