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Three-Dimensional Writing by Karen S. Wiesner

Applied to writing, the word three-dimensional is easy to define as solid, realistic, rounded, and lifelike, even living. The hard part for authors comes in translating these concepts into the craft of writing. Most writers know what is not three-dimensional writing....

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How to Write a Book in 11 Steps By Meg LaTorre

Do you have ideas for a book but don’t know where to start or how to write a novel? Or maybe you’ve written several manuscripts in the past and are looking to standardize your process. Learn how in these 11 easy steps. Every writer has their own unique brainstorming,...

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Character Hints with L. C. Hayden

Each character must be memorable. Even if you don’t know anything about character development you know this is true. Even if a character does not appear or reappear for several chapters, when he does, readers will remember him. Ah, that’s very true, you say. But how...

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Finish with Enthusiasm by Peter Andrews

Good habits — like jotting down notes in full sentences and keeping them organized — can boost your productivity. Bad habits — like rewriting along the way or not having a primary work in progress that gets done first — can block you from reaching your writing goals....

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The Romance Novelist’s Secret Weapon by Angela Knight

It’s tough out there for a romance novelist. Competition in the crowded field of self-publishing is ferocious, and the New York publishing world is even more cutthroat. That’s aside from the distractions provided by YouTube videos and blockbuster movies with dazzling...

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The Dangers of Origin Stories by Lindsay Schopfer

With the current trend of reboots, adaptations, and re-imaginings in movies and television, we’re seeing more and more origin stories involving characters that we already know. While many of these stories are perfectly serviceable, seeing so many of them at once...

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