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The Pro Rookie: The Mid Year Instructions by Liz Crowe

Welcome to the half-way mark of 2017, Liz fans, acolytes, stalkers and others! We made it. I think that, even disregarding your perspective, you can admit it’s been a somewhat stressful year so far, so we owe ourselves a little pat on the collective back for arriving...

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Summer BootCamp Week 2 Results

The boot campers are barrelling into Week 3 and so we have the week 2 numbers for you! Team Passion team still has the overall lead but with KidLit and Team Romance nearly neck and neck we could have an upset! With two weeks left, anything can happen! I can tell you...

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5 Things you should do before buying a Facebook Ad by Leslie Dow

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm. I can say that with surety because it’s always true. The one thing you can count on is the talented algorithm developers behind Facebook will be tweaking and fiddling. Sometimes big and sometimes not so big. Whatever they...

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I wished I had… before I published by Joanne Dannon

A lot can happen in two years The 5 July 2015 is my writing anniversary, the day I launched my first book as a self-published author. That day seems a long time ago, and my writing career today is very different to how it was back then. When I launched my debut novel,...

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