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It’s Fun To Make Your Characters Suffer by Kris Kennedy

We take it easy on our characters. We don’t mean to. We fully intend to make them suffer, to make things tough, but in the end, face it—we often don’t really push it.  Push them. The more you set your characters in uncomfortable situations, the more compelling they...

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Editors & Publishers for 2018 SavvyWriterCon Pitchfest

Char Chaffin, Editor, Soul Mate Publishing Romance - Historical, Sci-Fi/Time Travel, Paranormal/Fantasy Currently looking for: Currently Char is actively acquiring the following romance genres: historical, (all sub-genres), sci-fi/time travel, and paranormal/fantasy....

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Agents for 2018 SavvyWriterCon Pitchfest

Jordy Albert, Literary Agent, Booker Albert Agency Young Adult Contemporary, Historical Romance. Jordy is looking for: Jordy is looking for fun, witty young adult contemporary, particularly sci-fi, and fantasy (romance is a plus). She's also looking for smart,...

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Pirates! The Enemy of All Mankind by Cindy Vallar

Imagine. The year is 1715.  You’ve struggled to find work for two years, ever since the war ended and the navy no longer needed your services. You’re in a port far from home, but can’t get there because you’ve no money and there aren’t enough openings on merchant...

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Prime Stakes by Jacqui Lipton

Elements of a Plot If you’ve ever plotted out a novel, or taken a story structure class, you’re probably familiar with the idea of working forward from the protagonist’s goal. As I (and MANY others) have said: CHARACTER + DESIRE + OBSTACLES = PLOT. If you know what...

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