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Ten Best Practices for Missing your Goals by Leslie Dow

I’m a project manager at heart. I love a GANTT chart and live and die by my To-Do list. I organize my organizer. I set goals, I set milestones and then.....I listen for that WOOOSHING noise they make as they go by. Because even people like me who really love the...

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Happening around SavvyAuthors by Leslie Dow

Happy Turkey-Week eve! Just a quick note this crazy week before Turkey Day (at least for you in the U.S.) to let you know what's going on around SavvyAuthors. We're going to send out updates twice a month to keep you up to date and to celebrate our members'...

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The Pro Rookie: Exquisite Torture by Liz Crowe

How To Make It Big Or Otherwise In the Book Biz. Ok, ok, calm down. I’m not using my monthly Pro Rookie soapbox to promote a new book or anything—gazes up at the post title and ponders the possibilities for about a half second before letting it go—I’m just here to...

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Build The Perfect Ending by Stephen D. Rogers

The ending of a story -- whatever its length -- owes its success (or lack of success) to its structure, and the strength of its structure depends on the placement of three weight-bearing columns. In story, the names of those columns are the climax of Act I, the...

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