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Fictional Injuries by Geoff Symon

In my class, The Authors Arsenal, I talk about the wounds that occur from different injuries and different weapons. How is a laceration different than an abrasion? How does a particular wound affect how a character reacts, moves, or simply stands? If a character is...

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Writing for Personal Fulfillment by Irene S. Roth

Do you write for personal fulfillment? Or do you slave away at your writing all week and then quit writing for a few days and do something else and then go back to your wiring on Monday un-refreshed? Writing as a job Many of us treat our writing as a job, and on a...

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The Pro Rookie: How Now Humble Brag? By Liz Crowe

If you do not toot, who will? In keeping with my solemn vow to only write things for this particular “Pro Rookie” thing that will edify you personally, or bring you millions professionally, I hereby issue the following warning: What follows is, by definition as this...

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Now that Pitchfest is over what’s next? by Leslie Dow

Whew! What a fun whirlwind of three days that was. We hope you enjoyed our Spring Wow 'em Pitchfest as much as we enjoyed hosting it. It's always fun to read the pitches and super exciting to see who got requests.   I know those of you who did already are shooting off...

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Spring Wow ’em Pitchfest Agents & Agencies

This page contains the list of all the Agents and Agencies interested in representing great new authors! Please review the following information before pitching. You post your three-line pitch as a comment on our blog Nope, no registration is required. Nope, you do...

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