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Spring BootCamp Week 2 Results

The boot campers are barrelling into Week 3 and so we have the week 2 numbers for you! Team Passion team still has the overall lead but those intrepid typers in Mystery/Suspense are hot on their 6! With two weeks left, anything can happen! Team name Week 2 Average...

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Intoxicating Possibilities by Beth Daniels

When I was 14, I thought the perfect man was Tom Swift Jr. Of course, in admitting this I am dating myself. It has been decades since the last of this series was published – which was a series for boys, so I was actually helping myself to my little brother’s books –...

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Just The Right Story Size by Becky Martinez

Yes, size does matter. When I began working as a news producer many years ago I quickly learned that story size matters. Every day and for every newscast I had to make the decision of whether a story would receive 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or if it could go up to a...

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Big News from Amazon: Kindle Paperbacks by Terri Main

In January, Amazon announced the rollout of Kindle Paperbacks. That’s right. The pioneering e-book platform is now set up for print-on-demand publishing. This is a game changer. Before this, to publish paperbacks on Amazon, you had three options. Use a third-party...

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The Unique Calling of a Writer by Irene S. Roth

Writing is a unique life. It is filled with opportunities for self-exploration as well as self-understanding. Yet, there are also many obstacles for writers who are trying to make a career out of writing. Many writers want to write. But for many writers, life simply...

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Spring BootCamp Week 1 Results

The week 1 results are in for our intrepid boot campers!  Pretty impressive numbers all around.  It's far too early in the month to tell who will win. So far, the Mystery/Suspense team is ahead with an average of 2225 words, but Team Passion is hot on their heels at...

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