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Keep cool this summer! by Leslie Dow

Hi all and hope everyone is staying cool! Down here in AZ we go from AC to pool back to AC, or like the kid in the picture we just stay in the pool! 😀 A few amazing things have happened lately so read on to learn more. We published the full list of requests from the...

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Hot Summer’s Pitchfest Requests

We hope you had a wonderful pitchfest. We loved hearing all the great stories and cannot wait to see them all published! Read on to see all the requests! If you received a request, please read the submission instructions carefully and follow them! Good luck and let us...

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Turning Holiday Stress Into Stories by Sally J. Walker

Every culture, nation, religion has its own calendar of annual holidays. Because the events are repeated, they naturally evolve traditions, both social and familial.  Expectations are created, some good, some bad.  Such circumstances are rich with emotional material a...

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