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At SavvyAuthors we love our volunteers. We know that we couldn’t bring all the great features that you love without your help. Not only does volunteering help the community but it also helps you network to more than 5,000 writer, authors, editors, agents and other writing professionals that are involved in some way with SavvyAuthors.

But that’s not all! SavvyAuthors gives back to our volunteers.

  • One month-long (1) or less workshop each month at 50% off (does not include longer courses or special events)
  • 25% off one (1) class spanning more than two months or a special event,  or take 50% off if you moderate.
  • After six (6) months of continuous volunteering, your next Premium Membership fee is paid by Savvy Authors, a $40 value.
  • Our published volunteers are posted in a “Spotlight On…” article that provides author exposure
  • Your book featured on our front page for two weeks! That’s free advertising!
  • Networking!!! Existing volunteers are given priority for volunteering during special events, creating potential exposure to agents, editors, and published authors.
  • Regular super-fun check-in emails from R.J Garside, our volunteer coordinator and the undying love and devotion from the SavvyCrew 

Current Membership opportunities include:

New! Savvy Promotion Team:
Are you a Pro at Promo? A social media star? Savvy wants to spread the word about what we do, to discover new ways to promote our awesome workshops and events. We rock our twitter account and Facebook account, but we want to expand into new territories, and reach new writers! Got some ideas?
Join the new Promotion team today!

Workshop Moderator:
Do you love workshops? Feel the urge to take more? You might be a perfect fit for our Workshop Moderator program! Our Workshop Mods manage the workshop process in a low-key, behind-the-scenes kind of way. You’ll be there if the instructor needs technical assistance or if a student needs help navigating our classrooms. Join the SavvyMods Team!

Chat Moderators:
Savvy is known for our great author, editor, and agent chats. If you love our chats and attend them often perhaps you’d like to help us run them?

Website God/Goddess:
Do you love HTML and all things web? We are always looking for people to help us keep the doors open and the content fresh!

Other opportunities at SavvyAuthors:

  • Do you have some mad, zombie-killing skill that SavvyAuthors cannot do without? Definitely, let us know! 
  • Do you have something to teach? We’re always looking for a few good instructors! Check out the guidelines to become a SavvyAuthors Instructor and put what you know to good use!

The Savvy Crew

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    Aug 21, 2021
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