Teach for SavvyAuthors

Teach for SavvyAuthors

Now accepting proposals for 2024

Savvy Authors is looking for a few great instructors, presenters, and educators.

You have worked hard to learn the skills that a successful writer needs to publish and flourish in this current marketplace. You have mad skills around writing craft and business, or maybe you have some key information for specific niche genres.

Have you thought about teaching others what you know while learning a bit of extra cash...and getting some name recognition for you and your books while you do?

Our members want hands-on, craft-based workshops with clearly actionable content they can use immediately to become better writers and sell more books. See our current list below!

Content We Love

  • New plotting techniques (or a new take), such as storyboarding, understanding and utilizing story structure, demystifying the beat sheet (or romantic beat sheet).
  • Fresh ways to create or revise a character arc or authentic/realistic characters, including secondary characters or setting up characters for a series.
  • Foundational craft workshops such as concrete GMC, all types of conflict, adding tension to every page, deep point of view.
  • Writing elements such as scene and sequel, description, fresh ways to make dialogue, backstory, and setting work (without being boring).
  • Genre-based topics such as romance, mystery, or thriller writing. Self-editing best practices.
  • We would LOVE a workshop or a series of workshops on how to rapid release from start to finish.
  • We are open to fresh, unique, and outside-the-box workshop proposals.

Content our members are less interested in

  • This year our members are less interested in general interest, marketing, and business.
  • We’re still looking for great workshops on these topics, but there will be a limited number of spots available.
  • It’s critical that all classes on this material provide practical information with a clear application to selling books

Formats we Adore

We are open to a range of teaching styles including forum and chat based mixtures to full pre-recorded video classes.

Our virtual workshops are conducted in a bulletin board based system online forum or our own on-demand video classroom platform.

We are accepting proposals for workshops of all lengths including 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks on a tightly focused topic and longer mentoring programs. Our workshops and classes are open to anyone regardless of membership level. Our stipend structure is based on a split of the class fees. Savvy Authors is open to considering first-time workshop presenters.

NEW! Video Classes!

New for 2024, we are offering on-demand video classes!

We are launching on-demand video platform for 2024. We are looking for tightly-focused video classes on the fundamentals of writing and other critical business topics.

  • Our video classes are: 3 to 10, 10-15 minute lessons on key topics described in the Content we Love tab.
  • The best topics for this are foundational classes with content that adds to the craft toolboxes of all authors.
  • Payment is based on a three-tiered scale based on your participation in the video production process. You can earn a higher stipend by providing high-quality video content that is professionally edited by you, or save time and let us help you record and edit your content for a lower stipend. See the Business Details for more details on our video class stipend levels.
  • Feel free to attach an example video to your proposal below!
  • We will provide a class roster along with monthly payments (check out the Business Details tab for the specifics!) and all the great perks for all our SavvyAuthors instructors.
  • Interested? Check out our FAQ on best practices to create amazing video classes! Learn more about our new video classes!

Business Details

We provide a class roster and detailed accounting.

Our stipend for our forum-based classes is 50% of fees plus a yearly membership valued at $40. If you are willing to teach the class exclusively for us, we will happily pay you 60% and give you additional promotion and advertising.

We prefer workshops with the same or similar content or topic online outside of SavvyAuthors not be presented within 6 months of the class start date (3 months before and 3 months after). This allows us to properly market and promote.

On-demand video class stipends are paid monthly. The video stipend structure ranges from 65% where you provide a nearly production-ready video for SavvyAuthors to host and promote to 35% for classes where SavvyAuthors records, hosts, produces, and promotes your content. Please contact us for details on the specific requirements for each fee classification.

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Check out our new infographic on How to Develop a Great Workshop!

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