Crit Match Program

Finding a good crit partner who will follow you through all the books in your series is a tough one.

They don't get paid. They just hope you'll do the same for them--and that's what SavvyAuthors is all about. Writers helping writers. So, with that in mind, let us help you find your forever crit partner--because they do exist. You just have to know where to look.

Right now for a limited time we are running a Public Beta Program and opening the program up to any Basic or Premium SavvyAuthors member. Premium members are automatically added to the program (but not opted in!) Basic members, please contact us and we will add you for FREE!

Don't miss this great chance to find a crit partner!

Still have questions about the Crit Matching Program? Contact us!

Details on Opting In

Opting in is simple!

You navigate to the Preferences section of your profile...or just click on this link.

Then complete the sections for your match preferences and OPT IN! Really do not forget to opt-in!

Our match algorithm chooses your match based on your genre and writing level choice.

You rank your choices from best to least by ordering the tiles in the Enabled column by dragging and dropping. You just move the ones that you never want to be matched with to the Disabled column.

Our match algorithm goes down your list until we find a match for you. You can always choose genres and writing experience levels that you never want to be matched with. It's easy you just drag and drop those to the Disabled column

Lastly you must click the OPT IN checkbox in the top and Save your choices by clicking theSAVE button at the bottom of the screen. That's it!

Still have questions about the Crit Matching Program? Contact us!

You got a MATCH! Now what?

We created this nifty diagram that summarizes the process but it's pretty simple

  1. You and your partner contact each other and decide how to trade pages. You can always trade safely via the SavvyAuthors Private Message system!
  2. You and you partner crit each others pages and return the crits
  3. At the end of the two-week cycle we'll ask you to rate your partner
  4. We'll show rankings of your accumulated points on our Crit Excellence Leaderboard
  5. We publicly reward good crit partners and allow everyone to earn crit credit toward Excellence in Critique Badges.
  6. Your commitment to this program and your crit partner is critical. Our program relies on the good faith of the participants. Once you opt in you must either participate or let us or your partner know if something happens and you cannot.
  7. Still have questions about the Crit Matching Program? Contact us!

What happens if you don't get a match?

We know this sucks!

This is usually because there is not someone else in the match pool that is a good fit for your genre. The best thing to do is just try again. You can also agree to match outside of your genre with someone else who likewise agreed.

You are automatically opted-in unless you opt-out so you do not have to do a thing.

Except wait. Sorry about that. :(

Here's a kitten for you. Hugs.

Still have questions about the Crit Matching Program? Contact us!

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    Aug 20, 2021
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