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New Character Arcs: all dressed up and nowhere to grow with Jordan McCollum

Master character arcs to create your best characters yet!

  1. Jordan McCollum
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    • Characters
    • Structure
    • GMC
    • Plotting
    • POV
    • Worldbuilding
    You can have the greatest plot in the world but for a character to truly resonate with readers, s/he should change and grow over the course of the story. This workshop will explore the ins and outs of discovering and showing your characters’ growth from beginning to end. Developing your characters’ internal journey will give you more powerful characters—and more powerful fiction. Learn how to discover your character's journey and bring it to life on the page with intensive, hands-on help from the writer who literally wrote the book on character arcs!
    Week 1--Building the arc: discovering your character's arc, digging into your character's past, other characters' arcs (including antagonists & romantic interests)
    Week 2--Structuring the arc: creating the "illustrating" incident, two steps forward and one step back through the middle, climax of the character arc