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Craft Create funny, engaging characters using simple psychological techniques with Ally Broadfield

Learn how a simple psychological technique can add humor to your stories!

  1. Ally Broadfield
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    • Characters
    • Editing
    • Dialog
    • Genre
    • Plotting
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    Characters are the key to adding humor to any story, so in order to add (or increase) humor in your writing, you need to focus on how you develop your characters. Psychologists have many ways to look at personality but the Big Five model is not only accepted but simple to apply. By asking how your characters stack up in 5 ways you can create consistent characters that your readers will love.In this interactive class, Ally will
    • Discuss the Big Five Model of Personality to help create relatable characters,
    • Consider some common romance tropes and which character flaws fuel them,
    • Discuss the importance of backstory as it relates to your character’s flaws, and how these flaws are used to complete your character’s arc for a satisfying ending to your story.
    • Look at examples from television, movies, and books that use the Five Factors in winning ways.