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New for 2017 Introduction into the Psychic World with Melinda Williams

Learn how to make your psychic character come to life!

  1. Melinda Williams
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
    • New!!
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    • Characters
    • Genre
    • POV
    • Voice
    • Worldbuilding
    Are you interested in learning all the areas of the psychic world? Then this is a class for you. Learn the different types of psychic’s. What they do and how it is viewed in today’s world. Learn how to see with the third eye. Learn about chakras. Are you intuitive? This class will reveal that. Everybody can see spirits, but most close it off. Do you have children that could be indigo children? Find out what this means and what as a parent you can do. Take this class and learn information for that book you want to have weird, unexplained circumstance occur.
    • Week 1: Learn the difference between the many different psychic terms.
    • Week 2: Learn about chakras and how to clear them.
    • Week 3: Intuitive- Are you psychic? Goes into depth about what it means to be intuitive.
    • Week 4: Learn what indigo children are and the specialness they have in this world.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hollie
    The information was good, but sparse and without a lot of detail. The instructor seemed nice, but wasn't engaged. She took a long time to respond to questions and didn't encourage a dialogue. I felt like she'd written up some notes and then just parsed them out. In other classes, there were writing assignments with feedback from the instructor so we could practically apply the information. See where we got it right and where we were off. None of that in this class. It wasn't awful, but there was nothing special. I felt like I could have gotten more in depth information on the Internet almost as easily, and didn't think the class was worth the money.