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New Wounds and Warriors with EMT/Firefighter Shannon Donnelly

Create real wounds for your characters

  1. shannon donnelly
    New this year at SavvyAuthors!:
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    Fiction allows us to create our own worlds—but readers also need plausible characters. And if you’re writing warriors, they’re going to get hurt. This means you might wan to make sure your any trauma your fictional characters are dealt is plausible. TV and movies have given us the gun shot that doesn’t hurt, the concussion that doesn’t have consquences, and knife fights the hero comes out of without much more than artful blood. But what’s the reality of wounds and trauma?
    This four week workshop will cover:
    -An Overview: What Writers Usually Get Wrong
    -A Quick look at Traumatic Wounds—blunt and penatrating
    -Shock and Bloodloss—how does your character deal?
    -From Clubs to Arrows to Swords—what used to be done in the past?
    -Battlefield Medicine—a quick history.
    -Modern EMTs—what do we do?
    -Military Medics—it’s different on the battlefield.
    -How to Research your Emergency