WordWarrior Program


This is a unique year-long mentoring, coaching, and instructional program which is in its sixth year. It is designed to assist writers at all levels (and genres) in setting and accomplishing their professional goals. Students will learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and be taught the necessary skills for reaching them, and then guided into putting them into practice. 

This is an ongoing, active coaching program where writers are offered Irene's continuous support through coaching, sprinting, assessing goals, and ensuring that writers are all at their best given their life situation. This mentoring group is interactive and there is opportunity to be in touch and to ask for guidance and questions every step of the way.

Here are some benefits of this mentoring program:

  • Irene has created a private, very supportive online writing community with brainstorming forums, daily sprints, goal and accountability threads, bi-monthly one-on-one coaching sessions, healthy writers forums, and much more. 
  • She runs monthly word and project challenges with timelines that encourage writers to keep writing and stretching themselves outside of their comfort zones, achieve individual goals, and practice new skills.
  • Irene offers monthly workshops in the group to develop your skills as a writer. Everything is designed to take your writing (and productivity) to the next level!

Note from Irene

As a multi-published author, I write along with everyone.My goal is to motivate and encourage all of you to get the most writing done and to reach—or surpass—your writing goals.

I offer writers the opportunity to write and create passive income possibilities so that they could take their fiction writing slower and not be in a rush to publish because they will be bringing in money.

Then, they can take their time to write their stories not worrying about the financial pressures of writing for publication.

~ Irene Roth

The WordWarrior forum is an excellent place for writers to find support for their efforts, to share struggles and accomplishment and friendship, to feel inspired and motivated, and to enjoy each other’s company. So, if you want this year to be your best writing year yet, register now!

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  • This mentoring/motivation group is available for Premium Members Only.

Read what Irene's students say about her program:

“I've  taken many skill-building workshops that taught me how to write, but Irene's mentoring workshop is the only class that taught me how to smartly establish and reach my writing goals.  Additional side benefits:  her focus on being a healthy writer greatly improved my diet & exercise routine...while I tripled my daily word count!”


“Irene's brilliant and 'doable' guidance combined with irrepressible enthusiasm and unfailing energy (especially in the face of physical injury/illnesses of self and family) cannot fail to inspire and spur a student to reach deeper within in order to successfully achieve higher goals. Her empowering leadership that entrusts a student with presenting a chat spurred me to expand my belief in my own abilities.”  

~ LD

“Irene teaches you to set goals, work on your goals, meet your goals, not just for a day or a week, but week after week, month after month, until you are a goal-setting machine.”


There are so many wonderful things to say about Irene Roth’s Mentoring  program, but one key aspect of it stands out the most for me, and no doubt for others. Irene takes mentoring to a whole new level. She has a unique compassion for writers and their solitary journey that is often plagued with conflict, crises, and setbacks. Irene doesn’t just sympathize, she offers the writer a plan to get the writer through the crises, step by step. Sometimes with personal examples. This is a mentoring program that doesn’t let you fail. You can dream again.”


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    Aug 20, 2021
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