1. All The Deadly Lies

    All The Deadly Lies

    The victim was bludgeoned, stripped, and left for dead. Shanna Wagner deserves justice—and there’s no better cop than Lieutenant Jake Carrington to find her killer. The brutality of the crime reminds Jake of his sister’s murder. Murder is personal to him.
  2. JimmyMorris

    Lecture What Your Body Language Says

    You've all heard about body language and what it means.... so you know a little bit about this. We're going to go into a little more detail about what your character's body language says about them... and what you want it to say. So let's talk .... Everybody knows that slouching, talking...
  3. JimmyMorris

    Lecture What Does Thinking Like a Cop Mean?

    When I tell people to think like a cop - I'm not talking about thinking about the law or rules and regulations, or even about criminals and crimes. I'm talking about how you think about your surroundings, your body language and the world around you at large. This can be helpful for anybody...
  4. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture Lesson #5 - 5. Psychos, Corrupt Cops, and Enslavers

    Villains #5 Psychos, Corrupt Cops, and Enslavers Pamela Jaye Smith A. Psychos: Nature or Nurture? B. Bad Cop, Worse Cop C. Pimps, Panderers, and Pushers All of us do a little bit of bad now and then. Most of the time we feel bad about having done so. Most world religions provide...