dragons fae and vampires

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    Sanyare The Heir Apparent Cover.jpg

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    With dreams of becoming a warrior, Curuthannor embarks on a quest into the Shadow Realm for the merciless high elf king. Meanwhile, handmaiden Lhéwen finds herself trapped alone in a foreign land after the elf princess mounts an escape. With lives at stake, each must discover their power to defeat t
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    Rie, an elite human warrior, serves as a lowly messenger in a realm ruled by elves. When she faces execution for treason, can she survive long enough to uncover the truth? An action-packed fantasy adventure!
  6. Blame it on the Moon

    Blame it on the Moon

    Jack Lang is up to his ‘six’ in alligators. Who was he kidding? Alligators, he could handle! But with most of the Paramortals ill or incapacitated, can he keep Destiny out of the hands of their enemies? It has to stop here. Luckily he has a dragon on his side and a few surprises up his sleeve.
  7. Eve of Chaos (Destiny Paramortals, book 3)

    Eve of Chaos (Destiny Paramortals, book 3)

    ack Lang knows something's afoot with the dark knight's appearance in Destiny just as Paramortals are losing their abilities and dispositions go AWOL. If Conor is what Jack thinks he is, the good guys might have a chance. If not, they’ll be in deep… trouble. Where’s an F-18 when you need one?