first chapters

  1. Becky Martinez

    Plot-Structure Make a Great Start! -- Creating Beginnings with Becky Martinez

    Learn how to create dynamic characters, how to begin plotting your story and how to write those difficult opening pages, and learn strategies that can help take you from the beginning of writing your story. Learn how to create scenes, how to write dialogue and you’re your story off to a good start.
  2. Angela Knight

    Lecture Lesson 9: First Lines and First Pages

    09_First Lines and First Pages By Angela Knight In this lesson I want to share the work I did today on the first chapter of my WIP, Master of the Hunt. Please note this is a first draft, so the final version will probably be a bit different as I continue to refine the work. My objective...
  3. Angela Knight

    Lecture 01 Introduction: Why the First Chapter Matters

    Introduction: Why the First Chapter Matters by Angela Knight A well-constructed first chapter is critical to a book’s success. Even if you have a rollercoaster plot with fabulous characters, a snoozer Chapter One will kill your sales. If you’re trying to find a New York publisher, editors...