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    The senior year of high school, so much to look forward to. Prom coming up, college applications to fill out, college scholarships to apply for and graduation. A year of fun, parties, hanging out with friends and making memories. It's a great year in any person's life. Unless you attend Foster High
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    Josh and Kevin are best friends. Being bored with nothing to do, the two boys get into trouble as they let their imaginations run wild. They get into some trouble as they think they see one of their teachers on TV wanted for murder, they think a neighbor killed his wife, they break into a neighbor l
  3. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture Lesson 3 – BFF = Best Friends Forever

    SHOW ME THE LOVE Lesson #3 – BFF = Best Friends Forever Pamela Jaye Smith A True Friend... Scolds like a DAD. Cares like a MOM. Teases like a SISTER. Irritates like a BROTHER. Platonic love can be defined as a closeness, an affinity, loyalty, and enjoyment of the other person with no...