1. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Where the Dead Sleep

    Graveyards have a fascinating tale, whether they are haunted or not. From the beginning of man’s written history, death has been followed by some consecration and/or destruction of the deceased’s body, including mummification, burning or burial. Through the evolution of the death cycle, we...
  2. Unleashed


    But it's just a game....
  3. Haunted


    Being haunted isn't always a bad thing... as long as you can survive it.
  4. Your Worst Fears

    Your Worst Fears

    Physical pain if far less excruciating than what our emotions can do to us. The worst scars are the ones you can't see.
  5. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Ghosts at Random

    Random Information About Ghosts and Hauntings There are several organizations involved in the search for or explanation of ghosts and psychic phenomena. Over 150 of them are listed just in the state of Missouri (see List of Paranormal Societies, Paranormal Society Directory, Paranormal...
  6. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Ghost Hunting Tidbits

    Did you know there is/was a National Ghost Hunting day? Check it out. Rules and Conduct Today, I'm going to post you a collection of websites you might find helpful in your endeavors (sorry - I meant to post last night and fell asleep)... Hopefully you'll find them both interesting and...
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    Lecture Talking to Ghosts

    Now that I've told you how to hunt ghosts, what are you going to do when you find one? Let's talk about communicating with ghosts. If you want to communicate with any energy (ghosts) you find in a haunted location, there are a variety of ways. Use your best judgment - and remember, don't...
  8. JimmyMorris

    Lecture How to Know if Your House is Haunted

    There are some signs that are common (and uncommon) to haunted places. Here's what a ghost hunter might look for: Things that move on their own: If you've ever seen the movie Poltergeist, you might remember the scene where the mom (JoBeth Williams) gets all excited to show her hubs how a...
  9. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Starting the Hunt

    The number one advice I give to most ghost hunters, especially new ones is - don't hunt alone. There are too many things that can go wrong when you're by yourself. Anything from running into vandals to facing off against some supernatural danger you're unable to handle by yourself. So bring...
  10. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Tools of a Ghost Hunter

    Ghost hunting, like any other type of investigation, should be approached with an open mind and a set of facts. Many people can make circumstances fit the facts the way they want to - but you can only fit the facts together one way, so it's important to pursue a ghost investigation in the same...
  11. JimmyMorris

    Lecture What is a Ghost?

    There are two kinds of ghosts most commonly referred to by books, movies and television shows. These are residual haunting ghosts and intelligent spirits. Residual haunting ghosts are more common and do not usually interact with people or the current world around them. They generally only...
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    Discussion Ghosts and How to Find Them

    Hi, guys ... I don't know if my posts are coming through, but here we go again - this is Monday morning's repost. I'll post Wednesday's tomorrow (Thursday) and the normal schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with discussions on the other days. Let me know if you're getting this, please...
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    Lecture Last Lecture - Writing Tips

    First, whatever kind of story you write, it's important to read in your genre. It helps you see what else is out there, and lets you know if your idea is unique and how others deal with things like, in this case, ghosts. In the case of ghost stories, think about what you're trying to do with...
  14. JimmyMorris

    Lecture One More Scary Story

    And this one even scared me ... In San Antonio, Texas, back in the 1930s, a bus of children got stuck on a railroad crossing. The bus driver tried his best to get the bus started again and move it, but the train was coming and although the conductor saw the bus and tried to stop the train, it...
  15. JimmyMorris

    Homework Brainstorming

    So let's brainstorm - I'll ask each student to give us an idea they think would make a good ghost story. It doesn't have to be anything you're working on - and I expect you each to respect the others' plot ideas so nobody worries about somebody stealing their idea. Tell me a scary story...
  16. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Scary Writing

    Since we've had a question about how to write a scary story, let's talk. Many authors, including Stephen King, say that to come up with a scary story, think about what scares you. Some of his best books and short stories are based on things that he's terrified of - Cujo, for example...
  17. JimmyMorris

    Lecture The Stanley Hotel and other really haunted places

    In a case where a true ghost story made a great novel, consider The Shining. The book by Stephen King that was made into a movie with Jack Nicholson, was set in the Stanley Hotel, which King visited in 1974, located at 333 Wonderview Avenue Estes Park, CO 80517. King actually stayed for only...
  18. JimmyMorris

    Lecture The Bell Witch

    I'm sure most of you have heard some version of the story of the Bell Witch. In the early 1800s, a farmer named John Bell, who lived in Adams, Tennessee, and his family began to experience poltergeist activity in their farmhouse, much of which seemed to focus on his daughter Betsy. They saw...
  19. JimmyMorris

    Lecture The Case of Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc was a young peasant girl who claimed to hear the voices of angels and became the leader of the French army in their war against England, a military hero at the age of seventeen. She was devoted to God and died in her nineteenth year, after having captured and interrogated, condemned...
  20. JimmyMorris

    Lecture The Pharoah's Curse

    No good class on ghosts and hauntings would neglect to examine one of the most enduring mysteries associated with ancient Egypt. Although it is technically neither a ghost nor a haunting, it could be considered a haunted object/place story. In November 1922, Howard Carter, a well-known...