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    Research Ghosts and Hauntings - Famous and Infamous Stories with Jimmy Morris

    Ghost tales have started off many a story, and there are some you've heard of, but many you haven't. Lord George Byron, the renowned poet, challenged some friends to write ghostly tales on a weekend getaway. From that challenge, Mary Shelley wrote the immortal Frankenstein. So come huddle...
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    Research Lock and Load: Make Your Characters Aim True & Shoot Straight with sniper, P.I., & cop Jimmy Morris

    If your character needs a gun, you need to know what they need and why. Jimmy will help you to arm your character realistically. He will give you, A lesson on past and present guns—handguns to rifles, What to use and when, How to PROPERLY load, hold, aim, and shoot, The kind of ammo and...
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    Research Choose the RIGHT Poison to Murder Your Fictional Characters with Sniper, PI, and Cop Jimmy Morris

    A discussion of appropriate poisons with which to murder your fictional characters, with a list of some of the best (lesser known) poisons and their symptoms and results. Jimmy will discuss, The kind of poisons writers use, A history up to the present on famous cases and popular poisons, A...