point of view

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    Plot and Structure Make A Scene - Jordan Rosenfeld

    The definitive guide to writing scenes--now revised and expanded! Scenes are the building blocks for any work of fiction--the DNA sequence that makes a novel un-put-downable and unforgettable. When writers are able to craft effective, engaging scenes, they can develop a complete, cohesive...
  2. Delancey Stewart

    Character Mastering Deep POV with Delancey Stewart

    The LIVE webinar will be presented on ZOOM. For more information on how to access Zoom for your first Zoom meeting, please check out HERE. Veteran editors Dawn and Nancy walk readers of all genres through one of the most critical concepts of storytelling -- deep POV. This is a method used to...
  3. Paris Wynters

    Craft Deep Point of View with Paris Wynters

    Deep point of view is a powerhouse in the author’s arsenal. It allows them to get readers to understand, forgive, and empathize with a character’s bad behavior. It allows an author to create odd characters who behave strangely but who still make sense to readers. But it requires digging below...