1. L Ryan Storms

    Business Indie Authorhood: Don't Go It Alone with L. Ryan Storms

    The LIVE webinar will be presented on ZOOM. For more information on how to access Zoom for your first Zoom meeting, please check out HERE. To be successful, the "independent" publishing process requires a competent team of critique partners, beta readers, editors, graphic designers, artists...
  2. PUBLISH: Take Charge of Your Author Career

    PUBLISH: Take Charge of Your Author Career

    Gone are the days when there was a single path to publication that only a golden few could tread. Today there are as many options as there are opinions about the right and wrong ways to go about it. PUBLISH will give you an overview of the industry so you can forge your own path to success.
  3. Merry Bond

    Indie Self-Publishing: Easy as ABC with Meredith Bond

    You’ve heard of so many people self-publishing their work. You know that it would be a great way to get your stories out there, but how in the world do you do it? This course will walk you through every single step involved in self-publishing your finished novel: from "I just typed 'the end'...
  4. Self-publishing Starter Kit

    Self-publishing Starter Kit

    This Starter Kit will get you on the correct path for successful self-publishing. If you are unfamiliar with self-publishing, the Starter Kit will get you going in the right direction. There are 4 short lectures in the Kit.
  5. LC Hayden

    Lecture Publishing Options: Lesson 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

    Publishing Options: Lesson 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing What do Thomas Paine, William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, Mark Twain, and Walt Whitman have in common? They’re all famous. Yeah, what else? They’re all authors. Yeah, what else? Give...
  6. LC Hayden

    Lecture Publishing Options: Lesson 4 Indie (A form of Self-Publishing)

    Publishing Options: Lesson 4 Indie (A form of Self-Publishing) More and more authors, including me, are discovering this wonderful new opportunity to publish our books. We, the authors, have learned that unlike prior to this time, we can now have full control over our own work, and we’re...
  7. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 12 More Formatting Guidelines

    Self-Publishing Lesson 12 More Formatting Guidelines Have you ever noticed that sometimes when something is centered it looks like it isn’t? Yet you know it is centered because you hit the center command and your computer centered the words. Even so, it still doesn’t look right. That may be...
  8. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 11 Getting the Inside Ready: Formatting

    Self-Publishing Lesson 11 Getting the Inside Ready: Formatting All the pages for your upcoming book are ready. Congratulations. Although you’ve made a lot of progress, you’re still not finished. What’s next? The formatting. On the Home tab of your word processor, on the far right hand side you...
  9. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 8 The Book Cover: Indie Suggestions

    Self-Publishing Lesson 8 The Book Cover: Indie Suggestions You’ve decided. You do not want to design your own book cover. I don’t blame you one bit. Often, it’s the cover that sells the book and for sure, a poor cover will turn the readers away. If you’re lucky enough and you know a good at...
  10. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 7 The Book Cover: Fonts

    Self-Publishing Lesson 7 The Book Cover: Fonts Besides the cover’s art work, the single most important thing to consider is choosing the correct font size and type. The best way to familiarize yourself with various types of fonts is to study covers designed by major publishers. Focus on the...
  11. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 6 The Book Cover: You Do It

    Self-Publishing Lesson 6 The Book Cover: You Do It While you’re waiting for the edits to come back, get busy designing an eye-catching book cover, but before you ask: yes, covers do sell books. An unprofessional, sloppy cover will brand the book as the work of an amateur. You don’t want this to...
  12. LC Hayden

    Lecture Self-Publishing Lesson 5 Proofreading

    Self-Publishing Lesson 5 Proofreading You’ve written the perfect book. You’ve read through your manuscript not once, but two or three times. You know for sure the manuscript is error free. You are, after all, an English teacher and you have command over the English language. You know your...
  13. CassandraCarr

    Business Self-publishing - is it right for you? (Hint - not always) with Cassandra Carr

    At some point in your career you may be faced with the decision to stay with your publisher(s) or move into self-publishing. Self-publishing isn't right for anyone, and can be a lot of work. In this course we'll talk about the pros and cons of both possible decisions and how to determine which...
  14. terrimain

    Lecture The Quick Kindle Format

    If you compose your work on MS-Word for Windows, about 75-80 percent of the time, you can simply upload your manuscript as-is with just a few modifications. This works best if you do not have illustrations. This approach also assumes a good basic knowledge of MS-Word. This is a very quick...
  15. LC Hayden

    Business Learn YOUR Publishing Options with L.C. Hayden

    You’ve written a great book. You’ve gone through multiple rounds of edits and now your baby is ready to go! Ready to be published. But how? In this new age of publication there are nearly too many options. Join best selling author L. C. Hayden as she discusses the advantages and disadvantages of...