1. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Character Creating GREAT Villains & Villainesses with Pamela Jaye Smith

    A great Villain may kill your heroine - but nothing kills a story faster than a weak antagonist. In this course we will explore different types of Antagonists: anti-heroines, seducers, pirate queens and rebels, bumblers, psychos, vampires, ghosts and aliens, and more. Learn to use back-story...
  2. Write Gritty Villains: Character Development for Fiction

    Write Gritty Villains: Character Development for Fiction

    Find inspiration for creating a villain your readers will remember. Explore ways a villain justifies his actions. Follow easy to recognize examples of personalities based on celebrity and criminal public images. Now is the time to create that mastermind villain with Write Gritty Villains!
  3. SaschaIllyvich

    Character Am I Evil? A Primer on Creating Villains with Sascha Illyvich

    Have you crafted the perfect hero but now worry about his counterpart, the villain? Do you want to know what the difference is between the words evil and villain? Are you hoping to create the next Joker or original Dracula? Are you curious as to the numerous types of villains and their...