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Research Ready for ZOMBIES? Learn survival techniques with sniper, P.I., cop, and survivalist Jimmy Morris

Will your characters be ready when the Apocalypse comes? Be SURE!

  1. JimmyMorris
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    • Description/Setting
    • Worldbuilding
    Will you wait until the Zombies are at your door? Or until the Super Volcano in Yellowstone explodes? More importantly, do your CHARACTERS know how to save their true loves? Learn the survival techniques that you and your characters MUST HAVE if the world suddenly changed overnight in a very, very scary way. Erupting volcanos? Zombie outbreak? Comet collisions? Jimmy has you covered with this workshop that will show you how to,
    1. Find the tools to stay alive (water, food, fuel)
    2. Stay safeā€”do you stay put or move around?
    3. What to invest in when money has no value
    4. Write realistic dystopian, apocalyptic scenes and keep your characters alive
    The end of the world has been predicted many times throughout our history, but would you know how to survive if the world as you know it changed completely overnight?
    Do you know what to do, where to go, who to contact? Can you provide for yourself and your family?

    In these days of dystopian novels (Hunger Games, Maze Runner), have you ever thought what you would do if this happened to you? You have to know or you won't be able to write about it convincingly.

    In this workshop, we'll talk about what would happen if you woke up to a world you didn't know - how to find water, what to do for food, fuel and communications, the security aspects of staying put or getting out and what to invest in when money has no value. Bring a scene from your apocalyptic novel and we'll see what's right and what's wrong!
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