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Jun 26, 2014
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Leslie added a new event:

Monday Morning Motivation

View attachment 16737Get your butts out of bed and get motivated! Grab your coffee and join the SavvyCrew for a Monday Morning Kick in the A$$.
Your hostesses Leslie and Dawn with drop ins from the rest of the SavvyCrew will help you get your butts in gear and motivate your writing for the week.

Here's the rules, ya'll:
  • Swearing is allowed! We are all adults here so cuss if you want to.
  • NO POLITICS..we are not kidding.
  • NO...

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I love the idea, and I wish I could join but it is during my work hours.
Oh too bad! If we have enough interest we could run another one of these in the evening or take a poll for a different time.
Can we have another one like this for writers on the West Coast and Hawaii?
I can't guarantee it, but we'll certainly consider that. We're doing this as an experiment right now to see what the interest is. We have had one brave sole from Calif attend the past two meets. And next week I will be in Santa Barabara so I will be up and attending very early! :)